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Reading For The Heck Of It
Reading For The Heck Of It rated it 3 years ago
Thanks to a newly discovered YouTuber, Mercedes, I was made aware of what promised to be a very beautiful and interesting graphic novel by the name of Everything Is Teeth. Written by Evie Wyld and illustrated by Joe Sumner, this is the story of Evie's childhood obsession with sharks. It was the artw...
Figgy O'Connell
Figgy O'Connell rated it 4 years ago
Warning: This graphic novel contains images of animal and human death and injury, some imagined, some real.When Evie’s brother gets a shark’s jaw for Christmas, she is fascinated. She finds a book about shark attacks and learns of Rodney Fox’s experience; how his abdomen was opened and all his ribs ...
bookwookiee rated it 4 years ago
Evie Wyld’s All the Birds, Singing tells the story of Jake Whyte, an Australian woman with a troubled past who finds herself tending a sheep farm on a secluded British island. As the narrative’s multiple plot lines unravel, we are told more of Jake’s history and her struggle to forget it. These mult...
Thewanderingjew rated it 5 years ago
In an unusual way, the timeline of this story begins at the end of the tale, and ends at the beginning of it. Working backward and forward in time, in one chapter we find ourselves in Jake Whyte’s present life, and in the next we are in her past, moving forward, filling in most of the details, to fu...
pedestrienne rated it 5 years ago
SO TENSE. not without moments of brightness, but still unrelenting tension in Jake's life. reminded me weirdly of Wolf in White Van because both are circling around a central point in the narrator's life that isn't revealed til the end, but with different results. beautiful.
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