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Author of THE EMPTY ROOM, OUR DAILY BREAD, THE RADIANT CITY & THE STUBBORN SEASON. Find out more at www.LaurenBDavis.com. I r...
City of Stairs - Robert Jackson Bennett
The Cinder Path - Catherine Cookson
Somewhere Towards the End: A Memoir - Diana Athill
Rare Bird: A Memoir of Loss and Love - Anna Whiston-Donaldson, Glennon Melton
Wolf Winter - Cecilia Ekbäck
Under the Greenwood Tree - Thomas Hardy
The Skeptical Reader
I am a highly skeptical reader. That is not just a blog title. I love books and reading but it takes a lot to appease my read...
Station Eleven: A novel - Emily St. John Mandel
The Monk - Matthew Gregory Lewis
Kinga's Books
I'm willing to give anything a go but I could be very cruel to badly written books (regardless of the genre). I am Kinga fr...
Hitch-22: A Memoir - Christopher Hitchens
Fire - Kristin Cashore
Death Kit - Susan Sontag
Graceling - Kristin Cashore, Emma Powell
Snow in May - Kseniya Melnik
Unwed and Unrepentant (The Armstrong Sisters) - Marguerite Kaye
The Booklikes companion of parajunkee.com. Talking Books, promoting good design and just reader stuff!
She Who Hunts - C.L. Parks
The Young World - Chris Weitz
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A Book and A Review #2
Reviews dedicated to just the facts ma'am review and my opinion thrown in
I Can See in the Dark - Karin Fossum
The Girl from the Well - Rin Chupeco
Neverhome: A Novel - Laird Hunt
White Chalk - Pavarti K. Tyler
The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work - Cheryl Burgess, Mark Burgess
Winter Chill - Joanne Fluke
The Mental Hoard of Bettie's Books
A Stuga On the Cusp of the Orust Riviera, tucked away next to a hobbit hole in the woods.
Lisey's Story - Stephen King
The Gangs of Birmingham: From the Sloggers to the Peaky Blinders - Philip Gooderson
Cocktails and Books
Promise Me - Barbie Bohrman
Stay with Me - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Priya in Heels - Ayesha Patel
The Hook Up - Kristen Callihan
Whatever Life Throws at You - Julie Cross
Blame It on the Mistletoe - Nicole Michaels
Ami's Hoard
To Read is To Live
Touch Me: An Erotic Romance - Chris Scully
Maybe This Christmas - Sarah Morgan
Behind Closed Doors: David Lloyd Investiagtions #4 (David Lloyd Investigations) - Liz Strange
The Best Corpse for the Job - Charlie Cochrane
Secrets and Charms - Lou Harper
Must Loathe Norcross - Summer Devon
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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Classic) (Short Story...
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Washington Irving
This review is written with a GPL 3.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede...
When We Join Jesus In Hell by Lee Thompson
When We Join Jesus In Hell - Lee  Thompson
When We Join Jesus In Hell drags you inside of one's personal hell. It is a dark and agonizing...
Downton Abbey: Rules For Household Staff
The Downton Abbey Rules for Household Staff - Carnival Productions
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of the book in exchange...
The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie King (Mary Ru...
The Beekeeper's Apprentice (20th Anniversary Edition): or, On the Segregation of the Queen - Laurie R. King
I WAS FIFTEEN when I first met Sherlock Holmes, fifteen years old with my nose in a book as I...
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Reading progress update: I've read 165 out of 278 ...
Blue Blue Eyes (Lost Souls Ltd. #1) - Alice Gabathuler
Kulturgeschichte Des Klimas: Von Der Eis... Kulturgeschichte Des Klimas: Von Der Eiszeit Bis Zur Globalen Erwärmung - Wolfgang Behringer
Sehr, sehr interessant. Wolfgang Behringer stellt – vorsichtig – Zusammenhänge her zwischen...
Relativity, Einstein
Relativity - Albert Einstein
The aim of this book is to introduce people without a strong physics (or even scientific)...
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The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall For once though, Cupid seemed to be smiling on the young lady...
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