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Falling Man - Community Reviews back

by Don DeLillo
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Emad Attely [The Book Nerd]
Emad Attely [The Book Nerd] rated it 6 years ago
Ummmm! Well, actual rating: 2.5 :)Difficult to rate! But in my opinion, the novel was not that interesting! I enjoyed the first chapter, the opening chapter, but then things got really slow and somehow tedious! Sometimes I felt really excited, but, unfortunately, I felt bored most of the time!There ...
I'll think of a damn title later
I'll think of a damn title later rated it 8 years ago
"We just kept going down. Dark, light, dark again. I feel like I'm still on the stairs. I wanted my mother. If I live to be a hundred I'll still be on the stairs." Don DeLillo isn't for everyone. His often unusual dialogue, sometimes hazy shifts in point of view and time can set a casual reader o...
Bookivorous rated it 8 years ago
Like all obsessions do, this one came around by chance. The 9/11 videos had been nudging at my consciousness for a while (like every time I went on YouTube) but I avoided them because the idea of gaping at disaster disturbed me. Then I saw the image, the man against the building and I had to know. ...
sitiwajihah rated it 9 years ago
Finished this finally. Took a long time. It's just the style I don't really like. It gets better towards the end, when you start to grasp what's going on with the characters. Also, Mr. DeLillo, I don't think the first line in the Qur'an is "This book is not to be doubted."I'm pretty sure it's "In th...
nouveau rated it 9 years ago
when DeLillo goes bad... he goes very bad?3.l6 at goodreas and deservedly so...some good characterizations of poker (where else is this 2005-2009 fad recorded in literature)some good moments about artbut otherwise... just nothing?
Book.Blog.Bake. rated it 10 years ago
In time, I think there will be a great many books about the September 11th attacks(I know there's quite a spread all ready). There will be some that will be commercial and emotionally manipulative and make some people cry and the rest of us angry. There will be some who build upon the works of other...
proustitute rated it 10 years ago
Very disappointing, with two-dimensional characters who might be going through any traumatic event—as such, it felt almost as if 9/11 was being exploited by DeLillo here, especially as the depth is more superficial than incisive. The only saving grace of the book is the last section which is masterf...
Stumbling Over Chaos
Stumbling Over Chaos rated it 14 years ago
Don DeLillo specializes in powerful and disturbing novels about big events and societal shifts. His novel White Noise remains a timely read more than 20 years after it was written. At its most basic, Falling Man is about a 9/11 survivor. But it’s also about Alzheimer’s, performance art, poker, famil...
Will's Reading List
Will's Reading List rated it 15 years ago
Don DeLillo’s novel of 9/11, reminds me in a way of the film [book: Brokeback Mountain]. The weight of that movie came from the premise that the viewer would be, or should be, shocked by two rural men in love, but the great failing of that movie is that if you aren’t shocked by the concept, then you...
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