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Fallocaust - Community Reviews back

by Quil Carter
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Dreamer rated it 4 years ago
DNF at 22%. Quite naively written, I lost the will to read on. I didn't really care enough about the characters to plough through the whole 906 pages.'I hated emotions, if I hadn't fallen for Killian I wouldn't have to deal with these fucking feelings. Another way that kid was driving me crazy. I wa...
Slitsread rated it 5 years ago
I have never ever been so mind fucked in my life. AndI will never get this feeling back ever again. AndFuck I think I smoked half a carton of cigs, 10 pots of coffee, endless supply of Pepsi in the 5 days it took me to devour this book. My nervous system is a mess. For a while I thought I was gonn...
Xing rated it 5 years ago
Rating: 3.5 starsReading Fallocaust was definitely an interesting experience. I really like it and will definitely follow up with the sequel when it's released. But because I really like it, and see the potential that's there, it makes its flaws more apparent to my mind's eyes and pisses me off more...
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