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Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) - Community Reviews back

by T. Baggins
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The Bookoholic
The Bookoholic rated it 7 years ago
Beautiful story funny at times sad in others but overall I enjoyed it a lot . There were only two things that bite the fifth star away, the fact that Andrew was not a very solid character he had a lot of inner contradictions in his personality and it was confusing . and the fact that the book tried ...
Meli Mel's Book Reviews
Meli Mel's Book Reviews rated it 7 years ago
♥♥♥ 4 STARS ♥♥♥● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●"Put your arms around me. No. Eyes closed," Andrew insisted. "That's it. Hold me tighter. Open your mouth, but don't do anything. Leave it to me." Cormac's embrace was warm and hard. This time, Andrew kissed the other man even slower...
Romancing Riley
Romancing Riley rated it 7 years ago
A sweet story that surprised me. It's fairly predictable, but I enjoyed the journey Andrew and Cormac took together. I found the plot believable and the relationship that Andrew had with his sister heartwarming, sad as it may have been. All in all, a good read.
isabel rated it 7 years ago
Love this book! Amazing and a very emotional story!
Quirky Musings
Quirky Musings rated it 7 years ago
This was quite a good book. It was a pleasant and satisfying read, though one where you have to suspend your disbelief.Surprisingly enough, there was more depth and substance in Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) than I had originally thought, before I had started. Honestly, let's face it, Andrew is an...
Loederkoningin rated it 7 years ago
I had low expectations based on the title and the cover, but apparently this is amazingly good. Who would've thought, who would've thought?:palso...ow gawd..I can run, I can hide, but I can't seem to escape references to tea-bagging. Wish I'd never looked it up on Google!
hippiedaizy rated it 7 years ago
I have no idea what to rate this right now, so I am going to write my review first and then throw some stars up and make them stick.Can I just say that this title and cover suck donkey balls?! Seriously. I almost didn't buy it, but then a friend told me to give it a chance. Am I glad I did, sure....
books 'n shit
books 'n shit rated it 8 years ago
How do I put into words how AWESOME this book is?A new personal favorite. It's on my favorites shelf, see? Seriously this book is entertaining, beautiful, and completely non-traditional. Everything in it was amusing, sexy, and sad, but just so realistic. I adored every single moment I read this book...
MLE's Porn and Ponies
MLE's Porn and Ponies rated it 8 years ago
What I love about this author is that she takes stories that in other hands would be simple, and trite and makes them wonderfully complex and human. I really loved the depth the author was able to bring to this story, the plot, and all the characters. Characters, and situations were never as simple ...
LiliaFord rated it 8 years ago
Don't let the title throw you. This is a charming, witty, tender romance that manages to incorporate the "gay-for-pay" theme in a decidedly non-lame way. Baggins avoids a lot of the potential traps here: excessive fantasy--treating the job of gay-escort as a pretty woman/porn movie fantasy gig; as ...
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