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Fighting Destiny - Community Reviews back

by Amelia Hutchins
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Anna Bobs Her Hair - Silent Reader, Talking Books
This Kindle Freebie was not a let-down. This series reminded me of KMM's Fever Series. Like Mac, there is something more to Synthia. Like Barron, Ryder has a carnal beast inside. Synthia also reminded me of Jenn Bennett's heroine, Arcadia Bell, with her witchy ways. There was repetition thro...
Megan's Book Madness
Megan's Book Madness rated it 3 years ago
re-read 1/26/2016
lorenalee rated it 4 years ago
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS RAPE-APOLOGIST SHIT?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS RAPE-APOLOGIST SHIT?!The hero Ryder is a rapey, abusive, controlling psychopath. The heroine Synthia takes TSTL to a whole new level. She constantly gets herself into situations where she is owned by the Ryder, sure she whines about...
Aly's Miscellany
Aly's Miscellany rated it 4 years ago
Actually 3.5*-0.5* the fucking scene: so many anatomically impossible thing happened that it gave me whiplash. A few that I remembered are clenching womb, clenching body and hips spreading[no, not thighs, but hips]-0.5* for the editting, it needed more-0.5* for Ryder's POVs which consisted of him th...
Let's Talk about Books!
Let's Talk about Books! rated it 4 years ago
Fighting Destiny is the first book in The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins. Syn works for a branch of supernatural heroes called the Guild. She finds out, in a rather twisted way, that she is to be put on an assignment where she has to work for the Dark Prince Ryder. To say their relationship is co...
anti-book-snob rated it 4 years ago
This book was very similar to Karen Marie Moning's Fever world (even keeping with the cliffhanger ending). I'd say this book was a halfway point between Darkfever and 50 shades...but so much fun!
marvelloussbooks rated it 5 years ago
DNF @ 30%, May 7, 2014Sorry, this book didn't work for me. Honestly, I just don't understand the high rating. Oh buku mambang, kenak la ko mala jak berik buku ngan ku nok ku sik kan dapat baca abis mpun? Sigh!
Casperfitz rated it 5 years ago
Synthia a.k.a. Syn works as enforcer and assassins for the Guild, an organization of Witches that kept Otherworld creatures on the right track. To cut the story short, after her strange assignment, she ended up working for/with the Prince of the Dark Fae, Ryder... someone has been killing off Fae a...
mikabull rated it 5 years ago
Welp. Finished this book in less than 24 hours. I couldn't put it down. My boyfriend woke up in the middle of the night to pee & found me zombie-eyed and still reading on the couch. He may think I have a problem. Stubborn, badass lead female character. Hot, "lippy", alpha lead male character. Intere...
Ivie Hill's Rant Rampage
Ivie Hill's Rant Rampage rated it 5 years ago
Hoes be like.....Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!!
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