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Fighting Redemption - Community Reviews back

by Kate McCarthy
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Książkowo rated it 5 years ago
"Miłość w czasach zarazy" ..... Poruszanie temtu wojny w czasach, gdzie wojna jest wszechobecna, gdzie śmierć dotyka tylu młodych żołnierzy, a cierpienie dotyka przede wszystkim rodzine i bliskich jest kwestią trudną. Czy autorka podołała pisząc Fighting Redemption? Może być to punkt sporny..... Sam...
Hello Book, So Long Sleep...
Hello Book, So Long Sleep... rated it 5 years ago
Geez! I just posted this before I even added a book cover. how do I add a book cover if I can't press enter or click on the magnifying glass..hmmm... okay, skipping for now. NVM - I got it, I wasn't allowed to copy & paste. There's enough really good reviews about this book that I don't need...
Angel Edits - Blog
Angel Edits - Blog rated it 6 years ago
Leaving Fin was a mistake. I know that now.He leaves when shes 176 year separation10 days together1 year separationBasically he sees her 11 days in 7 years.2 week separation8 weeks togetherhe leaves a few more timesI gave up when I knew where it was going her knocked up and alone, again. Just so sa...
Jessica's Random Book Ramblings
Jessica's Random Book Ramblings rated it 6 years ago
Ryan has had an awful childhood and has basically been adopted by brother and sister Jake and Finlay. Jake is Ryan's age and becomes his best friend. Ryan is great but I will say Jake is an awesome character as well. He is an all around great guy and absolutely loves his sister! Finlay is 3 years y...
MrsAG rated it 6 years ago
Read this book. I loved it! Its a little bit of a second chance romance between childhood friends. the emotion this book evokes is astounding. Its heartbreaking, uplifting and so sweet. I was drawn in from the first page. Amazing book.
 Pavlina readmore-sleepless
Pavlina readmore-sleepless rated it 6 years ago
5 STARSI re-read fighting redemption and I can honestly say that I LOVED every minute of it!!! Fighting Redemption is a story of family, friendship, love, loss and pain.The story will take you on a wild ride, you'll be happy one minute and then crying in the next , and then again you are happy!!I re...
missfifi rated it 6 years ago
2 I-Don't-Understand-Why-People-Do-Certain-Stuff! Stars.So many high ratings..So many are gushing..So many are praising.. But guess what? I'm Sorry fellas, I beg to differ. ;)My feeble two stars won't be able to beat the many glowing 4/5 stars that the book managed to snatch but..I am not trying. Bu...
Perusing Princesses
Perusing Princesses rated it 6 years ago
this story...I. am. gutted. gorgeous...just. No words... all my muscles are tense..my head is throbbing...my lungs ache from holding my breath...this is going to be one Hell of a book hangover...Thank you Kate for such an amazing story! read this people!!!
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