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Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions - Community Reviews back

by Banesh Hoffmann, Edwin A. Abbott
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A Man With An Agenda
A Man With An Agenda rated it 3 years ago
'Flatland' is a Victorian novel about social class and mathematics. A. Square, our narrator, is a scholar and introduces the reader to the civilization of Flatland, its people and character. He had led a normal life up until he was visited by Sphere and taken on a tour of several dimensions. After h...
Bücher unter dem Mond
Bücher unter dem Mond rated it 3 years ago
Eu nao gostei muito do livro porque apenas após 63% é que a história realmente começa. Eh obvio que aprender as diversas caracteristicas de Planolandia é muito interessante, mas se torna enfadonho pois o autor se extendeu demais nesse quesito. Ele poderia ter sido mais rapido nessa parte. O livro eh...
Annie is reading ~
Annie is reading ~ rated it 5 years ago
Maybe you will all know the substantial plot of this novel, but I'll say it for eventual isolated cases. Flatland is an alternative world in two dimensions, populated by flat geometric figures. The main character tell us of the features of this world and "people": the gerarchic society, some habits ...
Fran rated it 6 years ago
Victorian social satire meets fourth-dimensional geometry! Told from the perspective of a rather ordinary Square living in a strictly regimented two-dimensional world, Flatland offers myriad existential and mathematical challenges for even the sharpest mind. When a visiting Sphere from the third dim...
Edward rated it 6 years ago
IntroductionSuggestions for Further ReadingPreface to the Second and Revised Edition, 1884--Flatland
sologdin rated it 6 years ago
Cute satire. Narrator, square, attorney, describes his 2D setting, visits 0D, 1D, & 3D settings, and dreams of 4D, 5D, &c. We find that the 2D world has a "remote and backward agricultural district [wherein] an antiquarian may still discover a square house," which is perfectly suggestive that, ev...
Ana V.
Ana V. rated it 6 years ago
Before anything, this is one of those reads that I'm sure I wasn't able to get from the first viewing. In the future, I will go back to it and probably find out more things than I did until now. It's such a pleasure to know there's more to discover in so few pages, more to see about the writing, the...
rionafaith rated it 6 years ago
Meh. It's a big, stretched metaphor for... something. This novella is unique in that it manages to somehow be both fascinating and immensely boring at the same time. "Interesting" would probably be the right word. Well, it's short.
Blogged Out Ma Nut
Blogged Out Ma Nut rated it 7 years ago
Fiiiine I get it. I won't complain when I'm told there's no reasonable way to illustrate higher dimensions using only the ones we can see. A good way to visualise things differently but a bit dull in its own right!
viim rated it 7 years ago
I never imagined I'd be as enraptured reading about a square describe his universe (and the ones outside it) as if I were reading an account of an astronaut or explorer (Columbus) describing a strange, newly-discovered tribe or planet. After I adjusted to the "old timey" speak, it became easier to r...
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