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Floodgates - Community Reviews back

by Mary Calmes
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...Bookfanatic rated it 2 years ago
This one's going to be short and sweet. I read 'Floodgate' a while ago and I really liked it. Here's the link to my original review... Floodgates (e-book review) When I saw the e-book on audible.com I immediately listened to the sample smiled from start to finish and added it to my cart. Wanting to...
Susan rated it 2 years ago
Mary,I love how in your face the emotions in her books are. And this was no exception.I lifted up and sealed my lips over his, kissing him hard, taking what I needed because the man was making my heart hurt. I’d had no idea he could be so romantic, so serious, and the idea that I had brought it out ...
liz blue ~ paperback reader
liz blue ~ paperback reader rated it 4 years ago
Too much TSTL happening here with Trace. His basically blind faith doesn't ring true, and I honestly don't care that he was right. It FELT off. Stabbity.
She Reads Too Much
She Reads Too Much rated it 4 years ago
Reread 8/2/14 - still fucking loved it. WTF moments and all!So this was my first [a:Mary Calmes|3152411|Mary Calmes|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1265682917p2/3152411.jpg] book and I think I'm gonna be going back for more. I really, really, really loved this story. Adored Tracy. Drooled over Co...
DreZ Book Addict
DreZ Book Addict rated it 4 years ago
I could have used more time with Cord and Tracy together, and I would have liked a little more drama between them. It was like they both gave in and decided to stop being mean to each other too easily/quickly, and after all the crap with Breck, Tracy trusted Cord, who was quite the manwhore himself...
kathleenlcharles rated it 5 years ago
Lacked the fire of A Matter of Time seriesThis story didn't feel like it came from Mary's heart. It somehow felt forced, or maybe obligatory. Any fan of Sam and Jory (I am huge fan) can't miss the obvious similarities between them and Cord and Tracy. But I just couldn't connect with new couple, and...
Sandra rated it 5 years ago
Let's start with the basic premise and plot. I liked it. That was why I wanted to read the book. And once Cord and Tracy got together I found myself smiling a lot, their banter flowed naturally and was funny and sweet. And that sex was definitely hot. Damn Cord. Just, Damn.But there were several hol...
Romances and more...
Romances and more... rated it 5 years ago
I'm a fan of Mary Calmes. There's a part of me that likes knowing what I'm about read even before I read it. It's comforting. A world filled with friends meeting for drinks and laughs. The men are beautiful and the women gorgeous no matter their size/age. One character wants to be submissive and ...
Romance and other things
Romance and other things rated it 5 years ago
BOOK WAS A LOAN So for those who do not know - Mary Calmes' books are like crack for me, crack which I at some point tried to give up, but realized that resistance is futile. Her world of extremely loveable and super gorgeous people just does something to me (don't ask me what - I do not know). I ...
Books and more...
Books and more... rated it 5 years ago
As always, Mary Calmes brings beautiful and lovely characters. I loved this story: Tracy is sweet and endearing with a mind on his own but it was Cord, who is amazingly dedicated, who did it for me.
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