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Mae's Library
Mae's Library rated it 5 months ago
Basically a really complicated pamphlet, though it has some good sections.
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 2 years ago
This was part of the Little Black Classics collection from Penguin I'm reading my way through. And while I'm really glad there is a great variety of different kinds of books in this collection, there have been some disappointments on the way. I was interested in reading The Communist Manifesto, not ...
Burfobookalicious rated it 3 years ago
A seminal work, which offers an interesting, if dated, critique of capitalism and an alternative way of perceiving the world's dominant system of social organization. Certainly the thoughts expressed by Marx lays bare the assumptions which accompany our embrace of capitalism, but its longevity may o...
Edward rated it 4 years ago
IntroductionNote on the Text--The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the StateGlossary of Some Contemporary Terms and Concordance with Engels's UsageIndex
Edward rated it 4 years ago
MapsIntroduction, by Tristram HuntTo the Working Classes of Great BritainPreface to the First German EditionPreface to the English Edition--The Condition of the Working Class in EnglandEpilogue, by Victor KiernanChronologyFurther ReadingIndex
XLeptodactylous rated it 5 years ago
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, born in Prussia in the 19th Century, were German philosophers. Along with other Communists, they wrote The Communist Manifesto in London and translated it in to several other languages. It is regarded as the best work of literature regarding Communism and is still as ...
Literary Ames
Literary Ames rated it 5 years ago
It’s been a while since I studied Marxism at school, a refresh of my memory was required, and having never read The Communist Manifesto, I thought I might as well try it. My views have changed. When I studied Marxism as a teenager I was enamoured with its idealistic belief that capitalism would in...
~Mairéad's Reading List~
~Mairéad's Reading List~ rated it 6 years ago
***Read for my Classics Challenge***It would have been 1.5 stars, but upon my reasons listed below, I've presented this with 2.5 stars.I've read this like 3-4 times prior to rereading it again now. My most recent reread of this "manifesto" was in my 3rd year (I'm now finishing my 4th year of univers...
Agostino Scafidi
Agostino Scafidi rated it 6 years ago
I think the Communism ideology is not only dangerous but it could convince gullible people to willingly turn themselves over as slaves to those purporting to be leaders of such a movement.
oh, carrots.
oh, carrots. rated it 6 years ago
First read in 1998 for a Philosophy course.Basic & short. Get it free at Project Gutenberg. My star rating is simply about how much I enjoyed reading it and not based on content. The content is fine and exactly what you'd expect from the title.
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