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Fuse - Community Reviews back

by Julianna Baggott
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The WordSmithe
The WordSmithe rated it 5 years ago
Baggott satisfies with book two in this trilogy! I read this one in two days! Her characters are so well developed that you can't help caring about them. Once again, imagery is outstanding. Details that should be creepy were handled in such a matter that you only cared more about what you read. I hi...
Liz Loves Books.Com.
Liz Loves Books.Com. rated it 6 years ago
After a young Wretch is abducted by the Dome and ‘cleansed’ of her fusings and imperfections, she is only able to repeat the Dome’s latest message: ‘We want our son returned. This girl is proof that we can save you all. If you ignore our plea, we will kill our hostages one at a time.’ Willux will go...
Jessica (HDB)
Jessica (HDB) rated it 6 years ago
Well Julianna Baggott, you've done it. You've stepped right on up to the shelf that holds my absolute favorite authors. It's not often that I find a trilogy to fall in love with. It's even less often that I find the middle book of a trilogy to be utterly perfect. Fuse took everything I was pining fo...
Behind the Pages
Behind the Pages rated it 6 years ago
See the original review, my interview with Julianna and enter the giveaway (US+CA, ends 3 February 14) Thanks to Hachet Group (US) for providing my with a copy for review and the giveaway copies! Fuse is intriguing and complex, diving straight back into the story again f...
There's more to life than reading, but it's a good place to start
"When the detonation came, the world was divided." This book is a treat for anyone who thinks they might enjoy a stomach turning, horrifying, emotionally intense dream-like vision of the end of the world, in all it's devastating, heartbreaking glory!! In the second instalment of this awesome tri...
Musings of a Bibliophile
Musings of a Bibliophile rated it 6 years ago
There's something about these books that really draws you in, a visceral experiencing of the plot that lingers long after you put the books down. This is the kind of sequel that absolutely must not be read without first reading [b:Pure|9680114|Pure (Pure, #1)|Julianna Baggott|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.c...
Olivia's Books, Quotes and Opinions
If I take off one star for that ultra-mean cliffhanger, there are still at least five stars left.I love it.
Cynical Reader
Cynical Reader rated it 6 years ago
This is what I was expecting from [b:Pure|9680114|Pure (Pure, #1)|Julianna Baggott|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1302743156s/9680114.jpg|14568028]. Since I read them back to back Pure was more of a book just to get me emotionally invested and set me up for Fuse.I wasn't a big fan of Lyd...
Yodamom Finds her Force
Yodamom Finds her Force rated it 6 years ago
4.8Fuse was so intense so heartbreakingly dreary, hopeless, and yet beautiful I was left at the end of the book with one word on my tongue. *F* *yeah that word* I loved all the off beat characters their crazy horrible fusing, the hideous world and the powers that control it. I even loved it after sh...
Speculating on SpecFic
Speculating on SpecFic rated it 6 years ago
Fact: Pure was one of the best books I read last year. Fact: Pure has amazing world-building and character development, you won't read anything else quite like it. Fact: Fuse is much, much better than Pure: it's mindblowing-ly awesome.You probably want to pick up Fuse right after reading Pure, or re...
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