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Ganymede - Community Reviews back

by Cherie Priest
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Shelf Indulgence
Shelf Indulgence rated it 3 years ago
With Ganymede, Cherie Priest continues to tell the stories of her 19th Century alternate United States, complete with extended Civil War, airships, and the undead. This time, she takes us to New Orleans, where we meet Josephine, the ex-lover of Andan Cly, who has asked him to come to her city to hel...
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 4 years ago
This is really two stories and I found the one about Josephine to be far more interesting. Most likely because she was a more compelling character. While it was nice touching place with people in Seattle, the story only really flowed when Josephine was on stage. She is an interesting character, and ...
markgilchrist rated it 6 years ago
Another in the Clockwork Century - what's not to love :)The characters are familiar as from previous books, but don't require you to have read these to enjoy the book. The only real constants are The War and the Rotters!
vnorthw rated it 6 years ago
This book didn't quite live up the expectations I had based on the first three books in the series. My favorite parts of The Clockwork Century have been the strong willed, no-nonsense heroines. Josephine Early is the newest addition to the line-up and she didn't quite hold up for me. She was strong ...
CarlAlves rated it 6 years ago
I have read very little Steampunk and find the genre a bit peculiar, but after having read Ganymede, I will definitely have to explore the genre a little further in particular Priest's Clockwork Century series. Cherie Priest managed to weave a fascinating tale mixing in real, historical events and c...
Pants' Books & Stuff!
Pants' Books & Stuff! rated it 6 years ago
Review originally posted here.Why I Read It: I've been plowing through this series for the past couple of weeks, so of course I had to read this latest installment. Spoiler-free review ahead. This series is so addicting and so so fun. It features a strong heroine and a rollicking adventure -- common...
Inkspot Fancy
Inkspot Fancy rated it 7 years ago
I thought this would be my favorite Clockwork Century book so far, as it's based around a bit of American history that I've always found fascinating - the first war submarine, a craft which killed more of its own people, including its creator, than it did enemies. Ahh, America. :)But unfortunately, ...
Datepalm rated it 7 years ago
The best one in the series so far, though I wouldn't have minded a bit more on the characterization and maybe a slightly less breakneck pace.
Kaia rated it 7 years ago
I can't. I caaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn't. I tried so hard, but...Look, okay. How do you stuff steampunk, zombies, New Orleans, and Marie freakin' Laveau in one book and have it come out so insufferably boring? This was not the book I was promised by the blurb. Maybe that's not fair of me, since we're deal...
Jammies' books
Jammies' books rated it 7 years ago
There is no way for me to do a sensible, scholarly review of this book or any of the books in the Clockwork Century series. All I can say is that I loved this, and that Ms. Priest had me before Marie Laveau but I squealed in delight when she appeared. I'm thrilled with the gentle, low-key touch of...
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