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Ghost Story (Audio) - Community Reviews back

by Peter Straub
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Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 1 year ago
I am SO glad that I finally re-read this book! I was afraid that it wouldn't hold up to my memory of it. I worried about that for decades. Silly me-I needn't have worried-it was even better than I remembered! This beautifully written story of evil in a small town has a lot in common with Stephen K...
Bark at the Ghouls
Bark at the Ghouls rated it 1 year ago
I originally read this book back in my early 20’s, back before I obsessively reviewed everything I read, and the only thing I could remember about it was an intense feeling of boredom. I later tried to read Mystery and Julia thinking it was me and not the writing. But I couldn’t get through either o...
Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality!
What was the worst thing you've ever done? - first sentence This is a terrifically terrifying story. I love the way the tension builds slowly. We know something terrible happened in the past, but we aren't quite sure what. We also know something even more terrible is coming. The feeling of claust...
Obsidian Blue
Obsidian Blue rated it 4 years ago
If it hadn't been for the fact this book was on my Horror 2016 list I would have DNF it so hard it would have been asking me why for hours. Seriously though, there are some good elements here, it just takes way too long to get going. And even when the plot finally starts moving and everything ties t...
LittleBookCove rated it 4 years ago
For four ageing men in the terror-stricken town of Milburn, New York, an act inadvertently carried out in their youth has come back to haunt them. Now they are about to learn what happens to those who believe they can bury the past -- and get away with murder. Bleh, I just couldn't get into this...
Lornographic Material
Lornographic Material rated it 5 years ago
First and foremost, I would like to thank Jessica (Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile) for this awesome addition to my collection. Back in 1995, my family and my fifteen-year-old self moved from California to Alabama. The week we arrived in Alabama (Mobile area) Hurricane Opal decided to make landfall. ...
A Constant Reader
A Constant Reader rated it 5 years ago
Lectura conjunta del grupo Letras Macabras reseña en español en mi blog: Click AquíGhost story is considered Peter Straub's best book and Stephen King says that it's "one of the finest horror novels of the late 20th century", with such endorsement I had high hopes for this book and it didn't disappo...
Book Ramblings
Book Ramblings rated it 5 years ago
“SF/F/H”, the holy trinity of genre fiction, my neck of the woods for reading. I read a hell of a lot of sci-fi (SF), I read about a couple of fantasy (F) titles a year, but I've been neglecting the horror fiction (H) genre in recent years. The reason is that beside [a:Stephen King|3389|Stephen King...
Inkspot Fancy
Inkspot Fancy rated it 5 years ago
For most of my adult life, my main association with Peter Straub has been "that guy who co-authored with Stephen King sometimes." This would of course be my association for all the years I would walk through the K section of the library's fiction shelves and consider which of King's books to grab. ...
sfgale rated it 7 years ago
I decided to finally read this after seeing it on almost every best of list I came across. Had to be an amazing read right? Nope. Started off very well with a man travelling around with a little girl who just seemed to be resigned to whatever was going to happen to her even though there was a marked...
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