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Glamour - Community Reviews back

by Penelope Fletcher
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Jessica's Book Thoughts
Jessica's Book Thoughts rated it 7 years ago
I read this book a while ago when it was titled GLAMOUR. It had so much potential but needed edited in a BAD WAY! I accidentally ran across this book and recognized the author's name. I hoped it had been through a rewrite. This story has so much potential but it is not there yet. I will read the nex...
Stuti's blog for depleting ships
Stuti's blog for depleting ships rated it 8 years ago
MUch-shuck, how old was I when I tried to read this one? Maybe 12? That was a loooong while ago and even my pre-teen, therefore by default, extremely lame, brain found this one tres horrible. I remeber liking all these quotes at the beginning of the chapters, and sometimes the imagery was pretty(tha...
No Bent Spines
No Bent Spines rated it 9 years ago
First I'm all like. Yeah fey....damn that's hot. Then there's the vamp and the fey and the vamp and the fey....then they kill her friend....and she's such a cheater. It's all very confusing you see. And of course...there's the tail.....
Literary Beauty
Literary Beauty rated it 9 years ago
Page 126 of 187. Done. I can't go any further...no, no I refuse to go any further. My blood pressure is up, I have a migrane, my eye is twitching, my throat is burning with bile...I just can't, I'm going to need some serious medical attention if I continue this read. Rae you Floozy! You are the epit...
AH@BadassBookReviews rated it 10 years ago
Kindle free download 4/14/12 - also available as a free download on GR in epub and pdf.
Stacks on Stacks on Stacks
Stacks on Stacks on Stacks rated it 10 years ago
This book sucked, I'm sorry but it's true. The prose was so stiff, if it were wood I could have broken it with a mere touch. Plus the main character just described things, nothing else nothing more really. Ugh, it's just so bad X_X
Sassapphras rated it 10 years ago
This one had a lot of potential. The story idea is great. However, the writing style is very disjointed and vague. If the author had taken the time to write an actual story, and not something that sounds more like a diary--or notes between teenagers--I think this could have really been something.
Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 10 years ago
I liked it. I liked Rae and the different characters. This was the first independently published book I've read. I do think this would have been better with an editor's input. That being said, overall I enjoyed it, and will check this author out again.
Sandra rated it 11 years ago
Free on NOOK
Whtwolf's books
Whtwolf's books rated it 11 years ago
Not a bad story all around, but could do with a prof-reader to clean up some of the errors.
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