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God's War - Community Reviews back

by Kameron Hurley
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Tannat rated it 3 years ago
Series: Bel Dame Apocrypha #1 Picture an alien world with two suns colonized by humans from various Islamic sects where two major world powers have been at war for the last three hundred years over religious differences. There are “shifters” and people literally have bug technology. The doctors ar...
The English Student
The English Student rated it 4 years ago
Really enjoyed this. Hurley's far-future novel sees a number of Islamically-inflected societies locked in a centuries-old holy war on a distant desert planet. Refreshingly, the novel's focus isn't on the war (although it does inflect and affect everything that goes on in the novel) but on a woma...
Saturdays in Books
Saturdays in Books rated it 5 years ago
Oh, book, where have you been all my life? Your bug magic, shifter infested wasteland locked in unending war is such a breath of fresh air. “I know all about you. You’re an ungodly, sex-crazed woman.” Goodness did I love this book. This messy, violent, beautiful book. I heart this book so har...
rameau's ramblings
rameau's ramblings rated it 5 years ago
Skip the first part and its five chapters. That’s all you need to know about Hurley’s God’s War. Trust me. Oh, you need more. I guess I could… Imagine a futuristic world, a planet—not Earth, think Arrakis without the worms—where two countries are at a war with each other. And it’s a holy war tha...
lauredhel rated it 7 years ago
Five stars for world-building and for Hurley's pugnacious approach to showing-not telling. Everyone was fighting each other, but I found myself not really caring, not having anyone to barrack for. The gore, torture, bugs and lack of emotional weight made this not the book for me.
Novel Tease
Novel Tease rated it 7 years ago
Bug-punk. Not something I've done before. On the plus side, I love the fact that Hurley doesn't feel the need to explain anything to you. The reader gets dropped in at the deep end, and it's sink or swim. On the negative side, I'm disappointed that there's no attempt to explain how "magic" works (as...
Read on Ascraeus
Read on Ascraeus rated it 7 years ago
Okay, so this book isn't perfect. The war it depicts is simply logically unsustainable, particularly on the planet it takes place on. But really, such points are quibbles, for this is an outstanding work of science fiction. Hurley's world building is outstanding, her characterization if her leading ...
Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Bryan Thomas Schmidt rated it 8 years ago
Well written. Amazing world building but heavy handed at times on its social message and nihilistic. Compelling read but ultimately the ending didn't carry me through. Still, a powerful voice and author to be aware of.
newskepticx's blog
newskepticx's blog rated it 8 years ago
I really want to like this book more than I did, but something just didn't do it for me, and I won't read the rest of the series. Interesting but not compelling for me.
Parnassus Reads
Parnassus Reads rated it 8 years ago
On a planet with two suns, two nations have been at war with each other for almost as long as each has existed. Centuries of war have affected each country differently, though both continually loose generations of men to the endless war. In Nasheen, women rule; The Queen's word is God's word, and he...
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