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Goldfinger - Community Reviews back

by Ian Fleming
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Wanda's Book Reviews
Wanda's Book Reviews rated it 1 year ago
Auric Goldfinger, the most phenomenal criminal Bond has ever faced, is an evil genius who likes his cash in gold bars and his women dressed only in gold paint. After smuggling tons of gold out of Britain into secret vaults in Switzerland, this powerful villain is planning the biggest and most daring...
Darth Pedant
Darth Pedant rated it 3 years ago
Moonraker II Goldfinger: Because entangling Bond in a nefarious plot masterminded by the ginger-haired millionaire with a bizarre face whom he caught cheating at cards worked so well the first time. How often in his profession had it been the same – the tiny acorn of coincidence that soared into th...
BrokenTune rated it 3 years ago
"Casually, one hand reached out to the control panel and pressed down a switch. There came a slow metallic growl from the end of the table on which Bond lay. It curved quickly up to a harsh whine and then to a shrill high whistle that was barely audible. Bond turned his head wearily away. How soon c...
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream rated it 6 years ago
* The seventh Bond book.* Fourth appearance of Leiter (briefly).* Kind of Moonraker meets Live and Let Die, in the fact that the story begins with a millionaire who cheats at cards and is about a man who is more criminal than government operative.* The most implausible of all Bond books to date. The...
nouveau rated it 7 years ago
right on the fence of the 3 or the 4, in order to avoid thinking too deeply about these fun little thrillers, I guess what I will do is confirm [b:Live or Let Die|16294753|Live or Let Die?|J Rgen Wallner|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1356064969s/16294753.jpg|22422529] at the 4, and with Casino Royale...
What I Happen to Be Reading At the Moment
Bond is back again. He is waiting in an airport, contemplating life and his killing of a Mexican involved in the drug trade, when someone who he once knew at a certain casino (the Royale, anyone?) asks him for help. Turns out there's a man who cheats at cards and this Royale alum has lost a signific...
REALJimBob rated it 10 years ago
Auric Goldfinger, Pussy Galore and James Bond. They're all here for another romp as Bond tries to derail SMERSH again.
The Book High
The Book High rated it 12 years ago
Probably the least-creepy of all of the Bond books I've read so far, I actually really enjoyed Goldfinger. Lots of fun intrigue and, of course, the super-villain for Bond to out-wit.I think I liked it more because it was more about out-thinking the bad guys than about surviving their disgusting meth...
Manny Rayner's book reviews
Manny Rayner's book reviews rated it 49 years ago
We watched Goldfinger last night on DVD - I'd seen it once before, around 1975, but I could hardly remember a thing about it. Really quite interesting! Some reactions:The womenOMG. There are some scenes one could hardly believe. This was our favourite. Felix Leiter, Bond's opposite number from the C...
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