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Group: BBA Whisperer
We strongly believe in freedom of speech, individual rights and we shelve and review as we please. We are nobody´s master and nobody´s servant. We are just that good! http://bbawhisperer.blogspot.com/
Group info administrator: Miranda
members: 135 discussions: 7 posts: 1554 last activity: 7 years ago
created by: Miranda
Last post: I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! I'm Jennifer / Mindheartbook / Sad Books Say So Much, and as of Monday, I am officially DONE with the corruption and chaos that is Go... by Sad Books Say So Much
Asshat Updates
created by: Indie Angie
Last post: Good lord, it's a flippin' quiz. Not life or death. by isanythingopen
Gremlins and Goblins
created by: Miranda
Last post: Another fangirl of the ugly green hate site STGRB with a BookLikes acct. Rebecca Nolen aka R.L. Nolen Here is the link to her profile: Rebecca Nolen on BookLIkes by Miranda
created by: Miranda
Last post: Amazon spammer & author Arkopaul Das posts the ever same copy & paste five star review on a truckload of random books just to "promote" his own drivel. Jake Collins aka Arkop... by Miranda
BBA Whisperer Blog
created by: Miranda
Last post: Oh, BTW: Good Ereader, Feb 21, 2014 http://bbawhisperer.blogspot.com/2014/02/oh-btw-good-ereader.html by Miranda
BBA alert on Amazon
created by: Miranda
Last post: Sherry Bach, someone who holds grudges for three years and self-reviews her own books SS and links can be found on my post about her: http://miranda.booklikes.com/post/718488... by Miranda
We might not be secret, but we're still awesome
created by: Indie Angie
Last post: I put out a couple of blogs about the SciFi and Fantasy group and it got reblogged a couple of times, plus someone blogged about our group read, and that got reblogged, so we ... by Oldham Rocker's Mad Mumblings
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