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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Community Reviews back

by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré
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Knotty Thoughts
Knotty Thoughts rated it 3 months ago
Jim Dale is really a phenomenal narrator. In addition to having a gazillion voices to remember how to portray, he makes each of them memorable and constantly evolving along with the character's story arc. The Harry we see (and listen to) here - aged 14, with the beginnings of adolescent fears and in...
A Scottish-Canadian Blethering On About Books
This is a novel where J.K. Rowling's games metaphor, always present in the Quidditch chapters of her stories, is taken to another level. About the first half of this novel centres around the Quidditch World Cup, which for plot purposes brings us into the larger world with a vengeance, providing the ...
Aashaman rated it 6 months ago
Harry potter and the goblet of fire J.K Rowling Protagonist - Harry potter, Fleur delacour, Viktor krum and Cedric diggory Antagonist - Bartemius crouch jr., Lord voldemort Short summary - Harry has been taken to the burrow by Mr. Arthur weasley from floo powder . The Dursleys are a little bit...
The Lethal Librarian
The Lethal Librarian rated it 7 months ago
I don't know why I insist on trying to read this series. It almost feels like when I was back in school and HAD to read something that I really didn't want to read. It's just that everyone and his brother has read this series or seen the movies and I feel like I've been left at the curb like yeste...
Linda78 rated it 9 months ago
Do you remember on Buffy when Willow realized the mayor was going to do his entire commencement speech before the big showdown started? And Buffy realized just how evil he really was? That's totally what Voldie did here to Harry because none of this book even needed to happen, lol. Guess Voldie just...
A Catty Babble of Books
A Catty Babble of Books rated it 10 months ago
Reread. So no new rating. Still one of the best of the series.
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover rated it 11 months ago
It's always been my favorite of the series. Still is.
YA Fanatic
YA Fanatic rated it 1 year ago
Spoilers if you still haven't read the series! Book four and five were always my favorite of the series. Its been at least four years since I have read these books. And I see why I always loved this part of the whole series. Its where things start to really get dark, the evil comes to play and Har...
Jennifer's Books
Jennifer's Books rated it 1 year ago
My favorite HP book. In fact, I've read the book so many times that the parts that made me cry the first couple times, while still upsetting, no longer made me cry. I cried this time, though. Jim Dale is a fantastic narrator.
Jordan's Books
Jordan's Books rated it 1 year ago
In my opinion, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire's story was not very predictable. I anticipated that at some point, Harry would have an encounter with Voldemort (or one of his supporters) and emerge alive, but I could never have seen some things coming, including Harry's name being put into the G...
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