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Her Mad Hatter - Community Reviews back

by Marie Hall
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Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 9 years ago
Not bad. Not awesome either. Nice spin on "Alice in Wonderland."
Smiling through the Chaos
Smiling through the Chaos rated it 9 years ago
Felt like this book was trying to hard to be erotic but just did not work. Too short needed to be longer to explain things felt like it really jumped around. Left me feeling meh...
Crafty Cauldron Books
Crafty Cauldron Books rated it 9 years ago
I loved this book. LOVED. I want a Hatter of my own.
Bookfever rated it 9 years ago
I've been meaning to review Her Mad Matter ever since I finished it but other books came in the way. Yadayada, you know how it goes. Still, I wanted to write one for this book because I enjoyed it so, so much. Just like Alice's character in this book, you could say I'm obsessed with the Mad Hatter....
Akrasia Reading
Akrasia Reading rated it 9 years ago
This book... I was to run around in circles with happiness, loving the Mad Hatter, his strange ways, and the weirdness of Alice (which is totally out of character...) and then I hit a wall that's so huge I fall down and can't get back up for ten paragraphs. Why must the writing be so awkward and alm...
Delighted Reader
Delighted Reader rated it 9 years ago
I enjoyed this but the ending was very abrupt.
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 9 years ago
I actually really like the idea behind this. Hall's characterization of the fairy godmother for the bad guys was really great. I'm just not a big romance book person. The whole "he's a jerk but he's hot" thing is a turn off for me. It's not Hall; it's me. But I will say, if you are romance fan ...
Reading, Writing and Being Generally Awesome
Have you ever seen the music video for Blink-182's song First Date? In the video, there's a scene where Tom (the lead singer of this song) just looks around and mouths "What the f*ck" with this confused look on his face. (It's such a hilarious video. If you haven't watched it, you should go here and...
The World of The Shifter Queen with LeTeisha Newton
A’A to Marie Hall! Now. I was pissed off when Alice DIDN’T choose Hatter in the movie. I’m just saying, that’s a life with Johnny Depp, who played an amazing, lovable Hatter, or go back home to go into…trade? Um, duh no thought on that one. Bring on Hatter! Since I didn’t get my ending (still I LOVE...
What Were You Expecting?
What Were You Expecting? rated it 9 years ago
This is a free Nook/Kindle download.This was very disjointed and strange. There were times it read like a bad Wonderland porn script. But I have to admit at the end I was kind of invested in finding out how things would work out. And I'm kind of tempted to read the next book. Someone should save me...
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