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Hero - Community Reviews back

by Perry Moore
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Linda78 rated it 4 years ago
TW: homophobia, ableism, violence and body horror typical of superhero comics. Michael Urie (Marc of Ugly Betty) narrates this book with perfection. I honestly can't think of anyone else who could've done a better job. He gets all the nuances of Thom down pat, from his eagerness to please to his f...
AnnaLund2011 rated it 5 years ago
This book was a ride and a half! And then another ride! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time, and still, there were moments of near despair here. YA at its very best. What a fantastic book. If I ever get any superpowers, I think the power to heal others would be right up my alley. Non-conf...
ACrazyNightOwl rated it 5 years ago
Everyone knows I love Superheros so this was a no brainer Hero is a fun little Ya book I enjoyed greatly! I actually listened to the Audiobook and there was a little into with Stan Lee so yay! Narrator did a great job too.
Fearless Facade
Fearless Facade rated it 5 years ago
The Blurb: Even though Thom Creed’s a basketball star, his high school classmates keep their distance. They’ve picked up on something different about Thom. Plus, his father, Hal Creed, was one of the greatest and most beloved superheroes of his time until a catastrophic event left him disfigured an...
Ery rated it 6 years ago
Hero was an enjoyable superhero story reminiscent of the tv series 'Heroes' (weird, I know), combined with a comic. The main character, Thom, is a high school student struggling with the fact he is gay and developing superpowers. The fact he is developing powers is exciting to him, particularly when...
Hayley's Thoughts.
Hayley's Thoughts. rated it 6 years ago
really brilliant book! there was faults, but nonetheless a very imaginative book! :)
jules0623 rated it 6 years ago
This book took on a little more than it could handle, perhaps, but I enjoyed it. I'd love to read more about the MCs though!
Xdyj's books
Xdyj's books rated it 7 years ago
A nice, straight-forward coming-of-age story w/ all the standard elements of superhero genre, & overall a fun to read if one doesn't mind the somewhat (intentionally) pulp-like writing. IMO it succeeds wonderfully regarding the author's intention i.e. increasing positive visibility of lgbt ppl & oth...
MulticulturalJunkie rated it 7 years ago
I will admit. This book lacked alot, but it also had great points to it too.Let me start from the beginning. This book follows the exploits of a teenage boy who's father was once a great superhero. In fact, in their universe, superheroes provide the highest point of justice there is. His father desp...
Squee rated it 7 years ago
I really wanted to like this book. A YA novel about a gay superhero--cool! And yet, despite the author's obvious attempts to break away from the standard, cliched superhero lore, there remains quite a bit of disappointingly standard fare. For example: most of the female characters are irritating cli...
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