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Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
There seems to be a debate as to the usefulness of this little text and I would pretty much fall into the category of not much. The reason that I say that is because if this book was lost then we would lose very little of our understanding of Greek Mythology. Everything that is contained in this lit...
oh, carrots.
oh, carrots. rated it 6 years ago
I've been using this as a sort of quick reference for Greek gods but can't imagine just sitting down and reading the whole thing straight through.
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
Okay, this book is both the Theogony and The Works and Days, but I simply want to write about the Works and Days here simply because I cannot find the book under a single listing (unlike the Theogony). Anyway, this is also the version of Hesiod that I own (though I believe it was given to me by a fr...
Syahira's Literary Obsession
Syahira's Literary Obsession rated it 7 years ago
Theogony are basically the list of geneology of greek gods and goddesses. Frankly theres very little plot in this hesiod poem except for... Lists of names. Weird. Basically it told a story from the beginning of time with Chasm and Kronos eventual defeat by his son Zeus, the captivity of titans, more...
Inklings rated it 7 years ago
Interesting...confusing...parts of this were helpful for understanding Greek myth but not as much as I had hoped. Works and Days was entertaining and fairly easy to comprehend. Theogony was mostly dry and often-times assumed that readers had knowledge of the story backgrounds. I might try this one a...
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