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Holy Bible: King James Version - Community Reviews back

by Anonymous
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M's blog.
M's blog. rated it 4 years ago
Haha.I don't even know what to write. Have to read this for school and it took quite a long time.Like- Eh, I thought this book would be an amazing thriller: lots of deaths, rapes, wars, sacrifices, etc. Sounds exciting, no?- Some accurate historical facts.Dislike- Okay, religious views aside, this b...
JasonKoivu rated it 5 years ago
This is the most disjointed fantasy book I have read in a looong time!Is this meant to be a collection of short stories? The one about the undead Jew who performs miraculous magic and hypnotizes people into eating bits of him and drinking his bloodwine was sick, but entertaining, I'll give it that!A...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 6 years ago
I'm an atheist, but I emphatically believe everyone of every kind of belief should read the Bible from cover to cover for three reasons. First, because to not know it means you're handicapped in understanding the world around you. About two billion out of almost seven billion on Earth today are Chri...
Evey's books' rambling
Evey's books' rambling rated it 6 years ago
Oh, dear lord, the reviews. THOSE REVIEWS. I just can't stop giggling. Needless to say, I'm an atheist. Which is actually really funny, because I always use the expressions "Oh my god", "Oh god", "Dear lord", "Sweet jesus", "Mother of god" and a bunch more. Ha!Anyway, I -of course- won't be rating t...
Surface Tension
Surface Tension rated it 8 years ago
Violent, implausible, unmitigatedly amoral story. Badly written.
alitacastro rated it 8 years ago
gOOdnight fAcEbOOK..(:
Allusion is not Illusion
Allusion is not Illusion rated it 33 years ago
King James is my favorite from a literary point of view, even though I know it isn't the best translation.
Manny Rayner's book reviews
Manny Rayner's book reviews rated it 45 years ago
I've already done a review of the New Testament, so this one will focus on the first part of the book. Looking at other reviews, most of them seem to fall into a small number of categories. First, there are the people who are telling me that this is the word of God, and the greatest book ever writte...
Book Addled
Book Addled rated it 50 years ago
How do you rank the Bible without going to hell?
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