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by Marilynne Robinson
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Elham rated it 7 years ago
این کتاب را خانم محمدی (مترجم) به من معرفی کردند. ترجمه خیلی عالی و روان بود و خیلی از ایشان سپاسگزارم که این کتاب خوب و نویسنده عالی را به من معرفی کردند.خانه مذهبی ترین داستانیست که تا به حال خوانده ام. داستان خواهر و برادری که در میانسالی به خانه برگشته اند؛ پیش پدر پیرشان که یک کشیش است. گلوری ا...
Read Write Read
Read Write Read rated it 8 years ago
No doubt it's extraordinarily well-written, but it is so heavy-going. Just not enjoyable.
Ladybug's Doodles
Ladybug's Doodles rated it 8 years ago
From the Goodreads description we are told:"Glory Boughton, aged thirty-eight, has returned to Gilead to care for her dying father. Soon her brother, Jack--the prodigal son of the family, gone for twenty years--comes home too, looking for refuge and trying to make peace with a past littered with tor...
demerson19 rated it 9 years ago
Calvinist theology meets fiction in what is one of the most well-written theological novels I've ever read. Robinson is simply one of the best writers around and her intelligence shows through, but without trying. If this had been around when I took my Calvin class it would have made a great additio...
JulieM rated it 10 years ago
At age 38, Glory Boughton returns home to the small town of Gilead to take care of her dying father, Reverend Robert Boughton. Reverend Boughton is a widower and he and his wife raised 8 children, now all grown, with Glory as the youngest. The favorite of Reverend Boughton's children has always be...
Book Fox
Book Fox rated it 11 years ago
Gilead was about fathers and sons; this is about the woman who stands on the periphery.
debnance rated it 12 years ago
I had checked out Home when it first came out but turned it quickly back when, thinking it was too much like Gilead. The reviews for Home continued to pour in and all of them were good. So I went back to it. And loved it. Robinson knows the Prodigal Son.
narfna rated it 12 years ago
Very disappointing after the pleasure that was Gilead. I missed the first person voice of John Ames (as compared to the third person limited of Glory Boughton), and while it was nice to see the other side of the story (kind of), the way in which that story was told was definitely not my favorite.(I ...
The Drift Of Things
The Drift Of Things rated it 12 years ago
I'm speechless. I have to process before I can say anything coherent. She is the most insightful author I've ever read. Please read this book if you have a family and a heart!
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