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Howling at the Moon - Community Reviews back

by Karen MacInerney
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Identity Discovery
Identity Discovery rated it 6 years ago
I love anything werewolf related, so this book was an instant attraction to me. It's the story of a lone werewolf who has believed herself to be all alone in the city of Austin, Texas. She has lived there for the majority of her life and only seen three werewolves one time each. She feels pretty saf...
J.A. Belfield
J.A. Belfield rated it 6 years ago
For about the first half of this book, I wasn’t that impressed. I found the conversational tone and the (not very witty) narration somewhat irksome. Even the (thousands of) asides (used like they were going out of fashion) seriously got on my nerves. However, there were a few amusing factors that ke...
Rabid Reads
Rabid Reads rated it 9 years ago
I came across this author while surfing the bloggosphere searching for a new werewolf series to begin. I was very pleased to make Karen MacInerney's acquaintance! (so to speak) I didn't have any expectations when I started reading this book but quickly became enthralled.There are quite a few pop cul...
Kay ~ BayArea BookLover
Kay ~ BayArea BookLover rated it 9 years ago
Not bad for the first book of a shifter series about a half human, half werewolf female who has lived undetected by the local pack. This book was a quick, light, funny read and I hope the next book will reveal more answers.
Yodamom Finds her Force
Yodamom Finds her Force rated it 9 years ago
Fun, snarky and hair-raising. An accountant 1/2werewolf, 1/2 human, that have to shave constantly to keep her furry side at bay. She is dating a super hot tenuous lawyer, and he does not know of her changing ways. Her mother is a witch and is accused of murder. She tries to help free her mother whil...
StephB rated it 9 years ago
Howling at the Moon was a decent book. Sophie's dating a lawyer, Heath, she's hot for a werewolf, Tom, who her best friend, Lindsey is dating and she's trying to keep her 1/2 werewolf status from everyone in her life. Parts were funny (ie: her mom is a kooky psychic witch, wolf dragging pantyhose (...
Shera (Book Whispers)
Shera (Book Whispers) rated it 9 years ago
I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked up this book. Having read other werewolf books, I felt that I should have high expectations. What I was not expecting was a chick lit. Yes, this book read just like a chick lit for me. I'm not sure if this is how the author intended it, but I was reall...
Feelingfictional rated it 10 years ago
This is the first book in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf trilogy & I have to say I really enjoyed it. Sophie has been brought up by her mother who is a psychic witch & has had very little contact with other werewolves. She has a great job & a hunky human boyfriend and is determined that she wants ...
Literary Ames
Literary Ames rated it 11 years ago
Sophie Garou has a good job, designer clothes and a wonderful boyfriend - only one problem, she's a werewolf. This is an interesting start to a new series. It sort of reminds me of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong but with the humour of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.
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