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Hunger - Community Reviews back

by Knut Hamsun, George Egerton
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Mommy, am I cult?
Mommy, am I cult? rated it 3 years ago
DNFed at 50%.If only I didn't know what happened at the ending... until then it's a story of an impoverished man, a classic struggling artist, wandering in the streets with hunger. Felt very Tropic of Cancer at first, but unlike Miller, the protagonist blames God for all his misery. It is less obsce...
Reader! Reader!
Reader! Reader! rated it 4 years ago
I picked this book up for a goodreads group read—and, honestly, only because it was on the 1001 books list. And I am so glad I did. Originally published in 1890 in Norway, it doesn't feel dated or culturally "different" (to boring American me). It feels like it could be happening now, to the man t...
Julian Meynell's Books
Julian Meynell's Books rated it 4 years ago
I was not sure that I would like this work. In part because I know that Hamsun, became a fascist later in his life, and that made me think that we would be temperamentally a poor match. Also, I just read Ibsen for the first time and was disappointed, so I quite unfairly was wary of Hamsun. In fact...
Your Asthma
Your Asthma rated it 5 years ago
Nearly became a bit of a method reader with this one. Not sure why but I fasted for a day and even contemplated sleeping on the cold hard floor - certainly allowed me to immerse a little deeper into the thoughts and feelings of the unnamed protagonist. The book reminded me a bit of Solzhenitsyn's On...
wjmcomposer rated it 5 years ago
The frenetic story of a young man down on his luck, starving, near homeless, freezing, manic. This is Raskolnikov minus malice, by all accounts a vital stepping stone in the development of modern literature. I just didn't love it.Now if I had read this around the same age I was when I read Crime and...
Henry Martin - Author of contemporary Literary Fiction
Hunger is, in my opinion, the most important work of "psychological realism" of all times. When I first read it, I fell in love with Hamsun's style, but it was the second and the third reading that pushed me over the edge, slipping into the realm of mind, walking the streets with Hamsun, shivering i...
nouveau rated it 6 years ago
wild-eyed manic ravings starving hysterical-real writer on christiana's cruel streets. my proxy ate up my first review so i'm too bummed to rewrite the 3000 word thing. sometime later.
Rowena's Reviews
Rowena's Reviews rated it 6 years ago
Very reminiscent of a couple of books I have already read, including Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London. Very dire account of a starving writer trying to find work and food at the same time. Especially interesting to me was the fact that the protagonist still valued maintaining his dignity ov...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 6 years ago
Film time!Per Oscarsson ... PontusGunnel Lindblom ... YlajaliBirgitte Federspiel ... Her sisterKnud Rex ... Landlord=================Autobiography couched in fictionThere is a fundamental root here that keeps me coming back to scenes within The Red Room(1879) by August Strindberg; no, I'm not sayin...
To Read Is to Fly
To Read Is to Fly rated it 6 years ago
Wow. That was powerful. I have to write a lot of reviews this weekend - this will be one of them.I find it ironic that I read this while the RNC circus is going on in FL. I wish I could force everyone there to read this book and live it. just for a short while.
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