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Impossible - Community Reviews back

by Nancy Werlin, Emily Durante
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Wrenegade rated it 5 years ago
I read this when it first came out and really enjoyed it, so thought I'd re-read in preparation for the sequel that just came out. Hrm. Sadly, it's much less good than I remember it being. Still an awesome concept, but the execution is poor. There's so little about breaking the actual curse, and s...
Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land"
Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land" rated it 5 years ago
TW: Rape On the cover it says: A haunting, thrilling romantic puzzle. Just read it I say, don' read it... This is not haunting. And this doesn't have a single "romantic puzzle" bone in it's body!! From time to time I read a book with a story that it's so bad, that it leaves me in a fit of te...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 6 years ago
Lucy is a teenager and fostered. She discovers that her mother's madness has been in the family for generations and at about the age she is now. When she is raped at her prom and becomes pregnant she realises that the cycle is beginning again. This time however she has Zach at her side, and while...
Rashika, The Book Owl
Rashika, The Book Owl rated it 6 years ago
"I finally told Soledad I didn't have a place to live. So now I do. Now I am here, with her and her husband, Leo. They have given me their spare bedroom. It has a bed and a chair by the window and a built-in bookshelf.I feel safe here."Would you like a reason to read this book?Go listen to this: htt...
Tammie's Reading Reviews
Tammie's Reading Reviews rated it 7 years ago
Interesting idea for a book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a very sweet love story in the book that I appreciated and found somewhat refreshing. I had the song Scarborough Fair(the version by Celtic duo Rua) running through my head the whole time I was reading it and it's still there.
snark (reading) lady
snark (reading) lady rated it 7 years ago
Lucy is a 17 year old who discovers that the women in her family all inherit a curse that involves three impossible tasks, teen pregnancy, lunacy and some sort of love-slavery. Lucy must complete the three impossible tasks before her own daughter is born in order to break the curse. Here's what I li...
Emily May (The Book Geek)
Emily May (The Book Geek) rated it 7 years ago
I know three stars isn't the most helpful rating in the world, but I just feel like parts of this book were worth at least four and other parts made me want to abandon it completely. It will suit a few people's tastes perfectly, I'm sure, but I wouldn't rush out to recommend it to the masses.The sto...
altheaann rated it 7 years ago
Read this for book club. None of us could figure out why it had been recommended to us, or why it was nominated for awards. I don't think there has ever been another selection for our book club that was so universally disliked. Reasons: *Offensive, retrograde, disturbing implications for the young w...
hystericalcheezit rated it 7 years ago
I read this book two years ago [when I was a freshman] and I clicked on this book just now, and then as soon as I read her name, I remembered reading it. This book was ASTOUNDING. And amazing, and I remember that I couldn't put it down. I'm just in love with it, so much. And I really need to find t...
Crystal Starr Light, Raging Snarky Stormtrooper Pony
“There is nothing in this world that I want or need, but you.” Lucinda "Lucy" Scarborough has just learned a terrible secret about her family--that every female has a daughter at 18 and goes crazy immediately after the child is born. Lucy, her foster parents (Soledad and Leo), and her childhood fri...
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