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Imzadi - Community Reviews back

by Peter David
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T. L. Morganfield
T. L. Morganfield rated it 6 years ago
As far as Star Trek books go, I remember rather liking this one.
TheBecks rated it 7 years ago
I remember watching Star Trek with my dad when I was a kid. It would come on after school, and I loved it. The adventures, the crazy escapes, the close calls... It was good stuff. I had SUCH a crush on Will Riker when I was younger. Not baby-faced Riker, but more mature, bearded Riker. Man I loved h...
The Night Owl
The Night Owl rated it 7 years ago
Starlequins are not my usual reading fare. I tend to stay away from science-fiction. I don’t know why, but since childhood I’ve always had a mental block against sci-fi. The horrible covers and the intergalactic space names cause a severe mental block. But, as I’ve matured as a reader I’ve come to r...
Trethsparr rated it 9 years ago
It might not have been a groundbreaking work of classic literature, but as an actual Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, it would be pretty epic. :)
Lissylaine Reads
Lissylaine Reads rated it 11 years ago
I read this book a long time ago, and it was so good I wanted to re-read it. I was a little past half way when I decided to read a little in bed. I finished it almost 3 hours later. It was an excellent story, and I'm glad I re-read it. It made me want to watch the series again.As I was reading i...
catchy blog title
catchy blog title rated it 28 years ago
my 15 year old self was madly in love with this book. troi/riker was my first media fandom. *feels nostalgic*
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