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Intuition - Community Reviews back

by Allegra Goodman
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Books by the Lake
Books by the Lake rated it 8 years ago
I read a bunch of reviews and reactions to this book, and was struck by their enormous diversity, almost every one finding some different aspect of the book to highlight. That is surely the mark of an exceptionally rich novel. I can't add much, except to note that I'm pleased by the fact that the au...
Cheryl's books
Cheryl's books rated it 9 years ago
This is a fascinating read about the personalities and politics of a cancer research lab. A struggling postdoc suddenly starts to achieve startling results with his experiments, bringing some fame and kudos to his lab. But another postdoc, a soon-to-be-ex girlfriend, can't replicate his results, a...
florinda3rs rated it 13 years ago
My first husband was a grad student in chemistry, and I worked for the university as an accountant for research funding during that time, so I've had a little exposure to the concept of the "research group." The central characters in Intuition are such a group, although theirs isn't academic. Under ...
wealhtheow rated it 13 years ago
The story of a fictional cancer-research lab, this is a great picture of lab life but not a great book. I was terribly impressed with all the detail Goodman got right, and how well she captured the mindset and zeitgeist of lab work in this era, but the story itself is so lackluster, and the charact...
Will's Reading List
Will's Reading List rated it 15 years ago
A novel about cancer research in Cambridge, Mass., Intuition follows a close-knit group of postdoctoral researchers through a series of experiments that leads them through successes, failures and the possibilities of private and public redemption. Larger issues are raised about the purity of science...
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