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Ironskin - Community Reviews back

by Tina Connolly
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Harbinger of Books
Harbinger of Books rated it 6 years ago
Ironskin by Tina Connolly is a story taking place in maybe the 1920’s after the Great War. In this book the Great War was an awful war – decades before the Fae had come and given their technology to humans in exchange for stopping the industrial revolution and the pollution that came along with it. ...
Yvette - Bookworlder
Yvette - Bookworlder rated it 7 years ago
Ironskin by Tina Connolly is a retelling of Jane Eyre set in an alternative universe where a war was waged against the Fey in which Jane was injured. To hold in the curse that is part of the non-healing injury, she wears an iron mask, hence the title. Rather than continue to explain the story a...
On Starships and Dragonwings
On Starships and Dragonwings rated it 7 years ago
Ironskin by Tina Connolly is a Nebula-nominated retelling of Jane Eyre set in an alternate history where a war against the fey has just come to an end and the technology that depends on fey power is slowly sputtering away. Seriously, you read that right: steampunk Jane Eyre with creepy fey. I was a ...
Book Chelle
Book Chelle rated it 7 years ago
Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.“Jane Eliot wears an iron mask.” Ironskin by Tina Connolly captivated me just by those few words. Steampunk, the world of fae, told with hints of a couple classics. I couldn’t wait to dive in to this one. There are many elements that drew me in, but the main fact that ess...
Booknut 101's Bookworm Haven
Booknut 101's Bookworm Haven rated it 7 years ago
"When what you hope for appears on your doorstep, there is every reason to doubt its reality."A re-telling of the classic tale of Jane Eyre interwoven with cool metals and threads of fae mythology and magic, Ironskin is an unforgettable story exploring the beauty behind the mask. Whether that mask b...
And the Kitchen Sink
And the Kitchen Sink rated it 7 years ago
The Jane Eyre plot couldn't save this book for me. I wanted to enjoy it, wanted to be swept up in the gothic romance elements of it, but could not be fully immersed in it. The original elements of it were frustrating. The world building seemed thin and insubstantial as the fae in this book and the c...
Listening to the Silence
Listening to the Silence rated it 7 years ago
Jane Eliot is one of the Ironskin, scarred during the war with Fae, and now must wear a mask of iron to protect others from her fairy curse. After loosing yet another job, she takes on a governess position for a young girl she assumes to be like herself. What she discovers in the isolated manor hous...
YA Anonymous
YA Anonymous rated it 7 years ago
Enchanting! Love this book!!!!
Bookalicious rated it 7 years ago
very Jane Eyre which is a book I love. I didn't feel I got to know the love ingest or get a good feel of why the couple fell in love. the ideally and world were absolutely stunning. a great read.
Ceridwen rated it 8 years ago
Cross-posted on ReaderlingRetellings of Gothic and/or Romantic classics in this here age of the happy ending are fraught with dangers. Plucky girls are given pluck and beauty, in defiance of people who are oh so jealous of them, and not much else; growling, terrible, inhuman assholes like Rochester ...
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