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Konnici na Liriite - Chevalier Du Lys
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Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 6 years ago
This is an anthology of 28 all new original fantasy stories all set in an age of sail. About half of them are set in the world we know, that is, could be called historical fantasy (and I found I tended to prefer these stories) and the other half are high fantasy. One Amazon reviewer described some o...
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
I believe that this book was sort the beginning of the transition from first to second edition, however it is now, like most of the other books released around this time, pretty much obsolete. Mind you those old books, if you toss away the rule components, or at least attempt to upgrade them, can st...
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
I preferred this book way above Legends and Lord because it contained characters from Call of Cthulu and from Faffrd and the Grey Mouser as well as numerous deities from various regions around the world. When they discarded this book for Legends and Lore, pretty much only the deities from world reli...
Jenn S. Bookworm
Jenn S. Bookworm rated it 7 years ago
D&D game reference material great for adding excitement to the worlds and dungeons you can build. Sure gods don't actually die but you can defeat them and send them temporarily back.
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
Like seriously, what the …! Pools of Radiance was a computer game and they wrote a book about it. In fact it wasn't even all that original because it pretty much followed the plot of the game. Come on, can't these writers do any better than write a book based so closely on a computer game that only ...
Danielle's Reading Adventures
Danielle's Reading Adventures rated it 9 years ago
This was a good collection of stories that smoothly combine the seafaring/pirate theme with fantasy. I only disliked a couple of stories, although as a whole, I found the tone a bit on the dark side. I think the only upbeat story was by Patrick Thomas, and I would expect no less of him, since he al...
Papyrus to Datapad
Papyrus to Datapad rated it 9 years ago
I don't tend to expect a great deal from shared-world fiction in general as they often sell based more on the popularity of the setting than the quality of the writing, and past experience has taught me not to expect a great deal from fiction based on Roleplaying properties such as Dungeons and Drag...
Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Bryan Thomas Schmidt rated it 9 years ago
Solid and entertaining although some of the stories run together due to theme and other commonalities after a while. Part of the reason is this collection is quite long. But the writing is very strong, stories and characters interesting for the most part, and the authors' takes on the themes are uni...
Itinerant Librarian on Books
Itinerant Librarian on Books rated it 12 years ago
I had read a couple of the Ravenloft series books, so this seemed like a good one to pick up. The fact that it was short stories was appealing, as it makes it an easy book to pick and put down as need be. I got it used at Half Price books. We'll see how it turns out. * * * After a few months, I fina...
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