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Jason V. Brock

**2015 BRAM STOKER AWARD FINALIST (BEST ANTHOLOGY): "A DARKE PHANTASTIQUE"****2015 BRAM STOKER AWARD FINALIST (BEST NONFICTION BOOK): "DISORDERS OF MAGNITUDE: A SURVEY OF DARK FANTASY"****2015 RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARD FINALIST (BEST BOOK): "DISORDERS OF MAGNITUDE: A SURVEY OF DARK FANTASY"****2014 RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARD WINNER (BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM): "THE ACKERMONSTER CHRONICLES!"**+++++ABOUT HIS WORK:**SIMULACRUM AND OTHER POSSIBLE REALITIES**"Jason V Brock... A bold new voice in American fiction. Watch this man! You may be in at the birth of a legend."--William F. Nolan (co-author of "Logan's Run"; screenwriter for "Burnt Offerings")+++"[Brock] makes the fantastic utterly believable... a fine writer, indeed."--George Clayton Johnson (writer for "Star Trek" and "The Twilight Zone"; co-author, "Logan's Run")+++"Bravo!"--Ray Bradbury (author of "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Martian Chronicles")+++"...a clever young man, Jason Brock."--Harlan Ellison (author of "Deathbird Stories" and "A Boy and His Dog")+++"[Brock] knows how to tell a story... [he] has heart... real emotion... [it's] a strong part of writing that most writers never capture."--James Robert Smith (author of "The Flock" and "Hissmelina")+++"[Brock] takes... characters into places I never expected..."--Richard Matheson (author of "Somewhere in Time" and "I Am Legend")+++++**MILTON'S CHILDREN**"Fun and clever and full of storytelling energy. You are bound to like this one."--Joe R. Lansdale (Edgar Award winning Author, "The Bottoms"; "Edge of Dark Water")+++"This richly textured novella is a triumph--a splendid fusion of horror and science fiction, of the cosmic and the human. It fulfills the promise of Jason V Brock's earlier work and establishes him as a force to be reckoned with in contemporary weird fiction."--S. T. Joshi (World Fantasy Award winning Author, "H. P. Lovecraft: A Life"; "The Weird Tale") +++"As satisfying as a novel, Jason V Brock's story 'Milton's Children' combines classic elements of H. P. Lovecraft and Jules Verne with modern sensibilities to spin a yarn that is part adventure tale and part horror story. I loved it, but it is thoroughly a dire warning: When we become monsters, we also create monsters."--Ray Garton (World Horror Convention Grand Master; Author, "Live Girls"; "Sex and Violence in Hollywood")+++"Venture into the Antarctic, where Jason V Brock will plunge you into one of the most terrifying Lost Worlds stories imaginable: Make no mistake, this is no Lovecraft or Crichton knockoff; the S-F/Horror story revealed here on this undiscovered island is original and scientifically plausible. The writing is crisp, precise, and easily accessible; the plotting sharp and compelling; and once the action starts it is non-stop, the reader only able to catch their breath at its very conclusion. . . Underlying the writing, one is totally convinced that they are in good authorial hands--what I call the marvelous 'Allstate Effect,' achieved rarely by only the most highly-skilled authors. Snag this book! Copy its byline: Jason V Brock, and put it up on the fridge, then underline it--after that, be sure to watch for more exciting, literate stories to come. Highly recommended."--Gene O'Neill (Bram Stoker Award® winning Author, "Taste of Tenderloin"; "The Burden of Indigo")----------------------------------JASON V BROCK's work has been widely published in magazines, comics, online, and in anthologies such as Dark Scribe Press's "Butcher Knives & Body Counts"; Bluewater Comics's mini-series' "Tales from William F. Nolan's Dark Universe" and "Logan's Run: Last Day"; his Bram Stoker Award finalist nonfiction volume "Disorders of Magnitude"; "Qualia Nous"; S. T. Joshi's "Black Wings" series; "Like Water for Quarks"; his fiction collection "Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities"; multiple issues of "Locus" magazine and "San Diego Comic-Con International's Souvenir Book"; "Dark Discoveries" (where he served as Managing Editor/Art Director for over four years); "Fangoria," and many other venues around the world, in a variety of languages. Brock is currently finishing multiple novels, and produces the digest "NAMELESS". Brock served as co-editor/contributor to the award-winning Cycatrix Press anthology "The Bleeding Edge: Dark Barriers, Dark Frontiers" with William F. Nolan ("Logan's Run"), which showcased new, unpublished works from authors John Shirley, Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury, Joe R. Lansdale, Gary Braunbeck and more. Brock and Nolan also teamed for the follow-up anthology, "The Devil's Coattails: More Tales from the Dark Frontier", which featured never-before-seen writings from Dan O'Bannon, Earl Hamner, Ramsey Campbell and Norman Corwin, among others. Brock was the sole editor for the Bram Stoker Award nominated anthology "A Darke Phantastique" which included major new works from Ray Garton, Tom Conoboy, Greg Bear, and over forty others. Brock's films include the highly-regarded documentaries "Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone's Magic Man"; "The AckerMonster Chronicles!" (about legendary agent and "Famous Monsters of Filmland" editor Forrest J Ackerman; winner of the Rondo Hatton Award for Best Documentary, 2014), and "Image, Reflection, Shadow: Artists of the Fantastic" (featuring H. R. Giger, Roger Dean, Ernst Fuchs, and many more artists from all over the world). An artist and musician himself, Brock has had multiple showings of his artwork and illustrated his own books in addition to creating posters and packaging for his films and his former progressive rock band, ChiaroscurO.A health nut and gadget freak, he lives in the Portland, OR area, and loves his wife Sunni, their family of reptiles/amphibians, and practicing vegan/vegetarianism. Visit his website at http://www.JaSunni.com .

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Birth date: March 01
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Chiral Mad 3 was an interesting book. I’d never read an anthology which put poems side by side with stories, and peppered the pages with illustrations too. Visually, it was a nice change, and I’d say it looks much better on paper than it did as an e-book. It’s fairly easy to get through, and didn’t ...
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(Dammit, I didn't make a note of when I started reading this. Probably within the month.)A solid collection with one weak point and a few very good ones. There was a distinct disunity of style and format (teleplays and scripts) that was actually rather appealing.The Bradbury story that opened the ...
Kriss Morton - In the Loft of the Cabin Goddess
The idea of Limbo always frightened me though. The what if's I pondered at the young age of 13. "What if I kiss Shaun" "What if I kiss Susie..." "What if I drink Dad's wine?" What if? It as never the idea of hell that scared me because I did not believe hell, it was the idea of limbo and purgatory,...
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