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Jennifer Rosario
My Name is Jennifer Rosario; I am a wife and mother of two wonderful children. I was born and raised in the mean streets of Jersey City, NJ, and decided to find a new life for myself and for my family. I decided to move to Florida in 2000, to have a better life for me and my family. Even... show more

My Name is Jennifer Rosario; I am a wife and mother of two wonderful children. I was born and raised in the mean streets of Jersey City, NJ, and decided to find a new life for myself and for my family. I decided to move to Florida in 2000, to have a better life for me and my family. Even though it has been a struggle at times with many twists and turns in life to maintain a balance, I continue to work hard, and stay focused because nothing in life comes easy. I teach my own children, that life can get hard at times, but you have to continue to strive in life, and fight for what you believe in. I have always wanted to be a writer, and go to school, which it was a challenge for a Hispanic Female growing up in the inner city. Till this day, I continue to fight for what I want daily. Through sleepless nights, and hard work, I received my Associates Degree in Urban Studies, Bachelors Degree in Urban Studies, and Master's Degree in Psychology. I was also the first in my family to graduate college. Continuing to fight and strive in life, I started to write, but did it as a hobby at first. I wanted to write about my experiences in life, and what I have seen, and been through throughout life. I had a professor in College that told me that you could do anything you want to do. I started taking classes for poetry, creative writing, and black literature to see what avenue I wanted to go. I started writing poetry, over the years about relationship, life on how I seen it through my eyes, my situations, other's situations. That's when I wrote my first poetry book, called "Tick Tock, Tick Tock" that was inspired by my suffering and heartbreak, and the most intimate accounts of my journey through heartbreak, suffering, will for self-preservation and love gone array. With my continuing journey through heartbreak, and suffering, I decided to write my first book called "A Man Who Lives in Turmoil", but I wanted to be unique and stand out with a market full of talented authors so all my books have a page with poetry which was my first passion before writing books. I then decided to write my third book 'Game Over Sweetheart Checkmate"! In the midst of a lot of controversy with this, book "Game Over Sweetheart Checkmate!" throughout the internet, and blogs with reference to my decisions of creating this book, and the decisions that were surrounding my own personal life. I look at life a little different, even though family and friends didn't understand, why I would write a book in this magnitude, again I wanted to be different. I wanted to show that even if you are going through a lot of pain and suffering in life that it's not the end of the world and you can take that negative energy and turn it into positive energy writing, for me it has been a personal therapy helping other women going through the same things in their lives. My Fourth book is a whole totally different genre this time. I decide a different venture into the erotic category. "Secret Society" places a deep focus on the sexual fantasies and desires that everyone has, but may be afraid to admit. Based on dozens of interviews with real people, the book is poised to offer an alternative take on the sexual conservatism that holds lovers back from achieving a full sex life. Many authors find success by sticking to one genre, but I wanted to be different. I again wanted to prove that I can write in multiple genres. Even though people told me to stick to one genre. I wanted to prove that experimenting with multiple genres is also a sure-fire recipe for literary success. Following much hype from my fans, I was delighted to announce the launch of my new children's book inspired by my three nephews that have been diagnosed with Autism. Leonel and Friends which marked my first foray into the world of children's literature. "Leonel is an Autistic child that has two friends that he loves very much, Sunny his pet bird mimics everything he says, and Lariat his puppy watches over him daily staying by his side. Together they help Leonel with his daily Therapy, experiencing life in his little world day after day."This book provides the perfect opportunity for children to enjoy both an entertaining story and a vital opportunity to learn. The book is highly engaging from a young child's perspective. However, it is also laden with language and lessons that will help young readers learn along the way. Keeping to my roots of where I came from, I decided to make a new logo for my Children's book called Jen's Garden State Children's Books.Continuing to write, Jen's Garden State Children's Books presents, a second children's book called "Isabella the Puerto Rican Princess." Isabella is a nine year old Puerto Rican little girl who lives in Spanish Harlem with her Mother, Father, three brothers Michael, Lewis, Jorge, and Sister Yolanda. Isabella's Abuelita (Grandmother) loves to tell her bedtime stories, which she loves very much. Isabella soon finds out many hidden secrets. Isabella is confused between the reality and fantasy world of her bedtime stories, later finding out her identity in the very end. In the fantasy world, Isabella and Abuelita (Grandmother) have a connection so powerful that even when they are not together, they can hear each other's thoughts.I am delighted to have invested 100% of my time and emotions into this project; something I am not afraid of hiding. I focused so heavily on this project because it has touched my heart! This fairytale will teach children about family unity, and that all dreams can become reality, this story will give them inspiration that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up, something I instilled into my own children.I am currently working on "Secret Society Extreme Pleasures" returning to the erotic category with a second installment, based on my critically acclaimed title "Secret Society" this book is poised to offer much more excitement and breathtaking fantasies leaving readers craving many more electrifying stories. All my books can be purchase at Amazon.com, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Book a Million.com and my website of course jenniferssecrethideaway.com This website you will find all my upcoming books, poems, and blog's. Also many changes to come soon to my website! Thank you for viewing my website and my Amazon page.I appreciate everyone's support and comments no matter good or bad...
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