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Journey into Mystery, Vol. 1: Fear Itself - Community Reviews back

by Kieron Gillen
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The Fangirl
The Fangirl rated it 5 years ago
This was a reread for me, but it felt new because I read a lot of it out loud to my eldest son, while he marveled at the pictures. First, this has to be one of my favorite incarnations of Loki. Yes, he even rivals MCU Loki (aka Tom Hiddleston). Kid Loki, as many have come to call him, is all the ...
Amadan na Briona
Amadan na Briona rated it 6 years ago
"The humans of the Internet are uncouth! When I said I was an Asgardian god, they called me a troll!"Yet another series that has undergone major events since the last time I was paying attention to the Marvel Universe. So apparently Loki died, and got "reincarnated" as a younger version of himself w...
TQlikesbooks rated it 6 years ago
Aww kid Loki is adorable. I love marvel's take on the Norse mythology and this was a great story.
Goat Heads and Sand Burrs, P. Kirby's Reading Blog
Yep, even though I've been spoiled and know where the story's going, I "ship" Loki and Leah. Sigh.So...previously in Marvel-Thor-verse, Loki made friends with the nicest people (Doom, Norman Osborn, etc.) and merrily wrecked havoc on Asgard and beyond, until, when things were at their direst, the wo...
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