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Hooked on Books
Hooked on Books rated it 4 years ago
If you're a fan of Brian Keene then you absolutely must read this book. I loved the autobiographical touch to it but the 'ghost' story part of it is also very chilling!
Andreya's Asylum
Andreya's Asylum rated it 4 years ago
We are all afraid of something: heights, spiders, strangers, ourselves... I think for most people fear comes from experience, real life levels of aversion therapy. But some, some seem to be born afraid of their own shadow; it is as if there hasn't been a single safe place for them since they left th...
Shiftyj1 rated it 5 years ago
This was a really great novella from Norman Prentiss with a lot of heart and depth of character. Invisible Fences are meant to protect. For animals, they can keep them contained and safe from harm. For siblings, Nathan and Pam, they came in the form of life lessons from mom and dad. Sometimes, howev...
11811 rated it 8 years ago
Literary sedative.
Marvin's Bookish Blog
Marvin's Bookish Blog rated it 8 years ago
Four and a half stars.This is one of those stories that transcends genre. While there is plenty of suspense and a touch of the supernatural, this is more of a character study of a family. It is beautifully structured to involve the reader and its novella length is perfect. Chalk down Norman Prentiss...
FrancesKR rated it 9 years ago
The downside: due to a combination of the ebook formatting and my old Kobo, the chapter breaks weren't clearly indicated; there were a couple of times where I missed the scene change and had to skip back a paragraph to pinpoint where it had happened.Besides that: it was a sweet, interesting story th...
Chris' Eclectic Book Reviews
Chris' Eclectic Book Reviews rated it 9 years ago
I am a huge fan of Brian Keene. I read everything he writes and waited for this one to be available in e-book. Plot-wise, a stranger enters a high end electronics shop and takes the workers hostage, locking them in "the cage" in the warehouse. Taking them out one by one and leading each one to an...
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