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Diverse Voices Square for Halloween Bingo! Lore is a collection of six short stories that re-imagines folktales and mythology from around the world and places interesting and romantic twists into each. Written by six different authors, each story has a unique feeling and setting. Shimmer t...
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 3 years ago
I must start by saying that while it didn't influence my rating of the book, it must be the ugliest cover I've seen all year. I don't even understand how it fits into the book. So, the Vie are still terrorizing the Earth and people who are anaemic provide a powerful drug the Vie like to get high on....
Angel Leya
Angel Leya rated it 5 years ago
First off, I am one of the many authors in this book, so I'm basing my review on everyone else's stuff.But holy cow! I've read anthologies before, and they're good. Some stories are better than others, and sometimes I don't connect with the writing or the story or whatever. But this collection is dy...
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 5 years ago
Dawn of the Vie features a future is which the Earth is invaded by a predator Alien species that closely resembles vampires. They are in each and every sense superior to humans and even immortal, although I suppose they age as there are whole families of them. Vie and humans both despise the Anemies...
Twisted Book Junkie
Twisted Book Junkie rated it 7 years ago
The cover is initially what drew my attention to this anthology. It is beautifully crafted and hints at the magic inside. With well-written stories and a good editor, this is a nice piece of fiction that will temporarily transport you to worlds filled with magic.Shimmer: ★★★★Though not normally a fa...
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