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Lost in a Good Book - Community Reviews back

by Jasper Fforde
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Irresponsible Reader
Irresponsible Reader rated it 3 months ago
I didn't post about The Eyre Affair a couple of months ago when I listened to it, because I just didn't know what to say about it. I was hoping that a second book would help. I'm not sure it did. Let's just start with the Publisher's Summary (because there's just no way I could do justice to this ...
BrokenTune rated it 3 years ago
‘Bad boy!’ she added in a scolding tone. The Tasmanian tiger looked crestfallen, sat on its blanket by the Aga and stared down at its paws. ‘Rescue Thylacine,’ explained my mother. ‘Used to be a lab animal. He smoked forty a day until his escape. It’s costing me a fortune in nicotine patches. Isn’t ...
XOX rated it 3 years ago
And that's us. Read this long ago. Still remember how Thursday Next going in and out of the book world looking for clue and talking to fictional characters. How the writer set up the scene is good with lot of humors. Plot device is actually written out. And fictional characters are free to do w...
Bookloving writer
Bookloving writer rated it 3 years ago
I always intended to review these two books (I'll do them together, since it's series), but I had a feeling I hadn't done it yet and I was right.So, here goes.I love this series of books, even though I have only read the first two books so far. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to read more. This 'univer...
Murder by Death
Murder by Death rated it 4 years ago
I liked this one better than the first one, in spite of my general dislike of extortion plots. A large part of my enjoyment probably comes from knowing what was going on from page 1, as opposed to the half-book it took me to figure that out in Jane Eyre. This is an incredibly complicated universe ...
Wandering through fiction
Wandering through fiction rated it 4 years ago
Different. I need to pay attention when reading this so the comedy in the names etc doesnt get missed. Gives ideas of more books I should read!
Lolanta rated it 5 years ago
Inkspot Fancy
Inkspot Fancy rated it 5 years ago
I have to admit, I may be getting a soft spot for this series after two volumes. The first book was a lot of interesting ideas but lacked in characters that really spoke to me. This one maintains the interesting ideas but I actually felt like I understood Thursday a lot better, found myself with a ...
Seriously, Read a Book!
Seriously, Read a Book! rated it 5 years ago
More fun adventures in life and literature for Ms. Next, and plenty of glimpses of "Homo sapien at his least sapient." These books are great if for the wordplay alone. Looking forward to more adventures with Thursday.
Arbie's Unoriginally Titled Book Blog
Lost the Plot After One Good Book, more like. I picked this up because it's No.2 in a series I'd read books 1, 3 and 4 of and it was mildly irritating not to know the full details of what went on in the gap. The Eyre Affair has a justifiable reputation as a fun, imaginative fantasy set in an altern...
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