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Pluto or Spain: a collection of new voices - Matthew Del Mei, Kevin O'Leary, Valerie Charun, Leah Edwards, Larissa Fleurette Ho, Chris Laliberte, Ankita Nayar, Valeria Ryak, Luke Sawczak, Kelly Semkiw, Alexander Tkachuk
Pluto or Spain: a collection of new voices
by Luke Sawczak (author), Alexander Tkachuk (author), Matthew Del Mei (author), Kevin O'Leary (author), Valerie Charun (author), Leah Edwards (author), Larissa Fleurette Ho (author), Chris Laliberte (author), Ankita Nayar (author), Valeria Ryak (author), Kelly Semkiw (author)
publisher: Life Rattle Press publish date: 2013
format: paperback pages: 252
language: English
ISBN: 9781927023532
Divinities - Luke Sawczak
by Luke Sawczak (author)
publisher: Lulu publish date: June 22nd 2011
format: paperback pages: 184
ISBN: 9780557021697
Poems for Lyera - Luke Sawczak
Poems for Lyera
by Luke Sawczak (author)
publisher: Lulu.Com publish date: December 18th 2013
format: hardcover pages: 100
ISBN: 1304697517 (9781304697516)
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