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Cat's Books: Romance
Cat's Books: Romance rated it 7 months ago
Liam loves his life as a linguist and trader on the Rownt homeworld, but he has ignored his heart and sexual needs for years. After escaping the horrors of war, he wants a boring life. He won't risk letting anyone come too close because he won't risk letting anyone see his deeply submissive nature. ...
Romance and other things
Romance and other things rated it 1 year ago
Angel Zamora has always looked out for numero uno, even after getting sent to prison for robbing a convenience store at knife point. But now two crazy feds show up to tell him he has undeveloped magic. And they want him to inform on a group that has been recruiting and disposing of magic users. When...
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 2 years ago
~*~* VERY SPOILER REVIEW ~*~*3.75 stars rounded upKavon, Darren, and the FBI Talent Team is back. For the most part, I loved this book, but it wasn't a solid 4-stars read for me because of of a couple of reasons. Let me write down why I loved from this third installment of Gala's Aberrant Magic firs...
Romance and other things
Romance and other things rated it 2 years ago
Kavon and Darren believe they finally have the life they want--a lead on O’Brien, a better understanding of the failures that have plagued the team, and time to nurture the bond between them as shamans and lovers. However they’ve gotten involved in magical politics, and that has consequences that ne...
Sheziss loves Zeshak
Sheziss loves Zeshak rated it 2 years ago
***DNF 42%***This book is not what I expected it to be, and that’s partly why I left it unfinished. Yes, I guess it’s my fault, I expected a romance, a love story. What I found instead is a magic rulebook. Not my cuppa.It was not a pleasant surprise.I wanted to read something different from Lyn Gala...
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