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The Symmetrical Bookworm
The Symmetrical Bookworm rated it 3 years ago
This is a solid group of short stories. My favorite story was "Michael's Little Sister" by C.S Adler. I didn't have much of an emotional response to any of the others, but most of the stories were good and I did enjoy them. The only one I actually disliked is "Blood Sister" by Jane Yolen. I have o...
Kari@ From the TBR Pile
Kari@ From the TBR Pile rated it 8 years ago
While I won't say it is the best teen read that I have ever read, I think that it is an honest look at the life of a teen trying to navigate his or her way into adulthood. It is also a story of a troubled teen who is failing miserably at trying to connect with her parents. Even though it was wri...
anderlawlor rated it 10 years ago
Told from the POV of a younger brother, it's the story of Evie, a small-town farmboy butch who falls in love with the femme daughter of the richest man in town. A butch-femme love story for young adults, with a discussion of class? Why is this book out of print?
lizpatanders rated it 10 years ago
This is a collection of short stories for young adults about students who don't fit in at their high schools. It deals with the issues of violence and bullying and the impact of these things on the individual and the community. I think this book could be very significant for young readers because a...
LeahSL rated it 16 years ago
Totally read this one during those precious teenage angst years when Barnes and Noble closed at 11, I had to be home by midnight, and my parents went to bed at 11:30. Hopefully the math makes sense. Been a long time [thank God!] since I read this but I remember quite a few of the stories that popp...
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 23 years ago
This is a youth book short and sweet. An eighteen year old farm girl falls for a girl from the other side of the tracks and the problems that develop due to everyone’s two cent. It does have a good believable ending that makes the entire book work so well. Bravo to the writer can’t wait for more. M...
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