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Make Good Art - Community Reviews back

by Chip Kidd, Neil Gaiman
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Danni Mae
Danni Mae rated it 4 years ago
Reced by https://forwardsandbookwords.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/review-10-neil-gaimans-make-good-art-speech/
Livros.by.Ropis rated it 4 years ago
Lovely edition! Nice quick read! It's Gaiman’s inspiring speech designed by the graphic artist Chip Kidd.It's a really good book to read when you feel sad. It'll cheer you up. "The old rules are crumbling, and nobody knows what the new rules are, so make your own rules."
Wrenegade rated it 5 years ago
Five stars for the fantastic, inspiring words. Zero stars for the horrible formatting.
Paperback Castles
Paperback Castles rated it 6 years ago
This little book/speech is yet another proof: Neil Gaiman is wise and inspirational beyond belief. "Make Good Art" encourages its readers to chase their dreams, choose their paths, and to break the rules. Gaiman implies that failures can be fantastic; that mistakes can be good, and that it all depen...
Classic Maiden
Classic Maiden rated it 6 years ago
This is one of the most inspirational speeches about art I've ever heard or read. You can watch the original speech here: https://vimeo.com/42372767 (Transcript can be found here: http://www.uarts.edu/neil-gaiman-keynote-address-2012)
narfna rated it 6 years ago
Five stars for the speech, three for the weird, awkward presentation of it in this published copy.
Minor Characters
Minor Characters rated it 6 years ago
Four stars for the content itself, I saw the speech previously and it is, of course, awesome. Worth having this around, and thank goodness Gaiman's speech is actually why I bought this, because......no damn stars for the awful layout and design of the pages. Some are upside down, others have the p...
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