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Marc Silvestri
Birth date: March 29, 1958
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Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 1 year ago
So I picked up a bunch of Batman freebies. I'm not a huge Bats fan. I really only read him when Catwoman shows up because she's awesome. So - DCeased is basically the DC universe vs. zombies. It's an interesting idea but I didn't find it particularly "must know what happened next". The Bat...
drallapaul rated it 3 years ago
I haven’t read Volume 1 of this relaunch by Marc Silvestri but Volume 2 is entertaining enough and quite engaging. It’s a shame that Silvestri is not illustrating it (there’s a cover gallery of his work) but the comic is still well-drawn. I had read some of the original series and this compliments...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 5 years ago
Bruce Banner and the Hulk have been split, with the surgical precision needed to keep them separate. Except Bruce is slowly going mad, making an army of beast - or Hulk - men and trying to get his angrier half back. He simply can't cope without having The Hulk as part of him. And The Hulk...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 5 years ago
The more time goes on, the less chance it seems the anyone will deal with the fact that Sara was raped. She seems to skate by, all these horrific things happening to her, with zero trauma at all. The rape was the last straw: I can't read this without wondering why there is no signs of trauma in ...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 5 years ago
I still feel like I'm a little lost: the one thing that's the downside of having a world that's all interconnected is if you miss out on something, or don't keep up with everything, you can feel lost. Once again, I feel like I might have been better off knowing more about this universe, but not...
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