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Meg - Community Reviews back

by Steve Alten
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Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality!
Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality! rated it 2 years ago
Audience: Adult Format: Audiobook/Owned From the moment the early morning fog had begun to lift, they sensed they were being watched. - first sentence Not a bad killer beastie story. The Megalodon is scary and the way she escapes from the deep ocean is close enough to believable that we ca...
Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads
Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads rated it 2 years ago
This was going to be a 5 star rating, but the book needed editing. There were a few grammatical errors that were easy to spot. Also took half a star for the misogyny. It didn't bother me too much because it was military guys being that way, and that's just the nature of them. My husband tells me sto...
Lillelara rated it 3 years ago
Well, this was a big load of rubbish. Culminating in and ending which was an even bigger load of rubbish. Add to this that this book is poorly written and sexist and ridiculous. And that´s about the only thing I want to say about this book.
susanvoss18 rated it 3 years ago
Jonas Taylor is an interesting character because he’s struggling. A few years back, his career tanked and he’s been kicking around since then between therapists and his hunt for the Meg. His wife, Maggie, has made her journalism career her priority and has turned rather nasty towards Jonas and his h...
XOX rated it 3 years ago
People are curious about the deep. With water that deep, there is enough unexplored space for really big shark? Not really. There is no real ocean barrier for shark from the deep to swim to the surface for food. Food is a very big motivator especially when one is hungry. So that explanation of...
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream rated it 7 years ago
Giant prehistoric shark -- a 60-foot, 20-ton megalodon -- inadvertently lured from its feeding grounds deep in the Mariana Trench, eats innocents and idiots alike, while a small band of marine lovers try to capture it. One teenage boy, after witnessing the gruesome death of a rival surfer, asks a su...
altheaann rated it 7 years ago
I just downloaded this, along with its sequels, as part of a filling-up-my-ebook-reader megaupload. I just realized that I read it, years and years ago, and really did not like it. I remember it being pretty dumb, not very well written, and pandering to cheap fear-mongering.It's got that very specif...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 8 years ago
This is proof that bigger is not better. "Meg" is short for megalodon--a Jurassic Age shark four times as large as the Great White. This novel isn't anywhere near as good as Jaws though. That book and film generated its terror because it gave us a real, extant creature stalking people where we all p...
Written Among The Stars
Written Among The Stars rated it 8 years ago
God how I loved this book, I loved it like a fat kid loves ice cream. We have all seen a horror movie that we thought “Oh man, this is just so awful! I love it!” That’s what this book was for me, a made for tv horror movie. But that’s also what made me hesitate to give it four stars. Based on the te...
Konnici na Liriite - Chevalier Du Lys
Some minor spoilers ahead...This book is a summer read on a beach. Megalodons on the loose.The beginning as a T-Rex is being eated by a Megalodon. Don't know if it would happen since T-Rex were extinct at 65 milions years ago and early fossils from megalodons have at most 28 million years. So....Wel...
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