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Memories of My Melancholy Whores - Community Reviews back

by Gabriel García Márquez
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Mommy, am I cult?
Mommy, am I cult? rated it 6 years ago
"The year I turned ninety, I wanted to give myself the gift of a night of wild love with an adolescent virgin."This is the first period of the book. So, from the beginning, we know this novella is about a veeery old man getting involved with a teenager.Give me a moment to process that.So that is why...
blackguysdoread rated it 6 years ago
This beautifully written and provocatively-titled novella follows a lonely commitment-phobe who, on his 90th birthday, wants a night of mad passion with an adolescent virgin. But instead of the usual heartless, physical sex he has had 514 times in his life, he finally finds real love in the form a y...
MarginMan rated it 6 years ago
3 1/2It moves well, easy to get through. Garcia Marquez has a smooth writing style. The MC is interesting, if not particularly likeable. But I think Garcia Marquez took the 'while she was sleeping' gimmick too far.
Julian Meynell's Books
Julian Meynell's Books rated it 7 years ago
SpoilersThis is an immensely difficult novel (really a novella) to interpret, in part, because it is hard to know to what extent the novel has an unreliable or delusional narrator.The reviews that I have read here don't seem to ask this question, but I think that it is an inescapable one. The book ...
Emamemi rated it 8 years ago
I began reading this book in English, but something didn't feel right. The musicality of Márquez' writing was not there. I couldn't believe the old man changed his style over the years. I looked for the Romanian translation and felt relieved: everything sounded the way it should with Márquez. The po...
A Book Every Other Day
A Book Every Other Day rated it 8 years ago
I love literature, and in particular I do love Spanish literature. Even translated the language is so rich and poetic.I have read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's work before. I have enjoyed Chronicles of A Death Foretold, and A Hundred Years of Solitude. Therefore, when I saw Memories of My Melancholy Whor...
The Way She Reads
The Way She Reads rated it 9 years ago
This novel tells the story of an unnamed, old and not very successful reporter who, on the eve of his 90th birthday decides that he wants to spend the night making love to an adolescent and virgin whore.When he enters the room where the 14 year old girl is waiting for him she is fast asleep and he d...
Lavinia rated it 10 years ago
When I first met Charles Arrowby in Murdoch's The Sea, The Sea, I had this feeling that there's something fascinating about lonely old men. I had the same feeling with Marquez' nonagenarian today. Beyond the inevitable illnesses and weaknesses of many kinds, there's this sort of halo of serenity, g...
Marvin's Bookish Blog
Marvin's Bookish Blog rated it 11 years ago
Do not let the description "90 year old man falls in love with 14 year old girl" scare you away from this incredible short novel. Memories of My Melancholy Whores is in no way a "Lolita" story but a glorious treatise on the role of love and aging. It is about living life at the fullest even after yo...
Punya Reviews...
Punya Reviews... rated it 11 years ago
My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book... Note: With some minor changes, what I wrote in the response paper of one of my MA courses.“The year I turned ninety, I wanted to give myself the gift of a night of wild love with an...
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