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Injoy's Blogs + Book Reviews
Injoy's Blogs + Book Reviews rated it 4 years ago
Little Tails in the Savannah by Frederic Brremaud is a fun-to-read book about Chipper and Squizzo, a puppy and squirrel who have a cardboard airplane to travel and explore wonderful places. They encounter real animals in the African Savannah. They came across a monkey, a poisonous black mamba, a w...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 4 years ago
Humanity lost all its technology, then regained it - minus knowledge of aliens or predators. When a group of businessmen and underlings and government liaisons land on a planet they wish to colonize, this gap in their knowledge turns out to be far more important than they could have realized. Th...
Twirling Book Princess
Twirling Book Princess rated it 5 years ago
I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.I wasn’t sure what to expect, sure, the blurb said something about a squirrel and a dog travelling across the globe to visit wildlife. But I didn’t know what kind of story it would be. Comic? Graphic Novel? Picture book style? Somet...
The Magical Land of Books
The Magical Land of Books rated it 5 years ago
Little Tails in the Jungle by Frederic Brremaudand published next month on Oct 11th by Magnetic Press is the story of a puppy and a squirrel, Chipper and Squizzo. They can't just stay secluded in the environment where they're born in. They want to travel the world for discover other forests, other ...
Page Turner Reviews
Page Turner Reviews rated it 5 years ago
This novel just felt incomplete. Not only was the story lacking (in which they did nothing but go around and point out things they saw around them) but the illustrations were off. It felt as if there where two different styles of graphic novels going on throughout the story. Don't get me wrong, both...
Itinerant Librarian on Books
Itinerant Librarian on Books rated it 8 years ago
I have a new review on my blog, The Itinerant Librarian. If you ever watched the television show Space: 1999, this is the collection for you. Excerpt from my review: "I have to say that this is truly a labor of love. As I mentioned, nostalgia readers will certainly like this. The comics really do ...
Rich's Gulag
Rich's Gulag rated it 8 years ago
I had such high hopes for this book, considering it is fairly rare for any Charlton Comic book to be reprinted, much less the majority of a whole series. But this book is nothing but a COMPLETE disappointment. "Remastering" to this "author" apparently means rewriting classic stories and imposing his...
sixthreezy readsies
sixthreezy readsies rated it 9 years ago
Holy shit, Darth Maul is so badasssssss. LOL! Loved this. I must find more Star Wars fiction pertaining the awesomeness that is Darth Maul. That fool would have been the next Sith Lord had he survived Palpatine and Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber duel in Episode I. Which is still the best l...
Itinerant Librarian on Books
Itinerant Librarian on Books rated it 15 years ago
Borrowed this one from the public library as well. See my short note on the book: [http://gypsylibrarian.blogspot.com/2006/11/short-booknotes-on-graphic-novels-7.html]
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