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Mikhail Lermontov
Birth date: October 15, 1814
Died: July 27, 1841
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Moonlight Snow
Moonlight Snow rated it 3 years ago
The plot summary to the Penguin Classics edition reads: "In its adventurous happenings, its abductions, duels, and sexual intrigues, A Hero of Our Time looks backward to the tales of Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron, so beloved by Russian society in the 1820s and '30s. In the character of its prota...
LunaLuss rated it 4 years ago
This was an interesting novel. I would not like to view it as the personification of the worse humanity is capable of. Pechorin does not remind me of the devil, or of a man devoid of any sense of good and evil. He is rather a lost soul, swayign between boredom and depression. He wishes to break the ...
AnnaMatsuyama rated it 5 years ago
IПечальный Демон, дух изгнанья, Летал над грешною землей, И лучших дней воспоминанья Пред ним теснилися толпой; Тex дней, когда в жилище света Блистал он, чистый херувим, Когда бегущая комета Улыбкой ласковой привета Любила поменяться с ним, Когда сквозь вечные туманы, Познанья жадный, он следил Коч...
AnnaMatsuyama rated it 6 years ago
Shakespeare's [b:Othello|12996|Othello|William Shakespeare|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327871225s/12996.jpg|995103] is more likeable than Arbenin. Arbenin is utterly self-righteous bastard. At the end he gets what he deserves but it does not bring his wife back from the dead and it doesn't improve...
AnnaMatsuyama rated it 6 years ago
«Песня про царя Ивана Васильевича, молодого опричника и удалого купца Калашникова» написана в манере народного творчества. От этого поэтическое произведение приобретает свою уникальность и неповторимость. Молодой царский опричник Кирибеевич Ивану Васильевичу в своей любви к красавице Алене Дмитриевн...
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