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Odds Against Tomorrow - Nathaniel Rich
Odds Against Tomorrow
by Nathaniel Rich (author)
publisher: Farrah, Straus and Giroux publish date: April 2nd 2013
format: hardcover pages: 304
language: English
ISBN: 0374224242 (9780374224240)
I'm With the Bears: Short Stories from a Damaged Planet - Kim Stanley Robinson, David Mitchell, Nathaniel Rich, T.C. Boyle, Lydia Millet, Bill McKibben, Toby Litt, Helen Simpson, Mark Martin, Wu Ming 1, Paolo Bacigalupi, Margaret Atwood
I'm With the Bears: Short Stories from a Damaged Planet
by Mark Martin (author), Margaret Atwood (author), Kim Stanley Robinson (author), Paolo Bacigalupi (author), Wu Ming 1 (author), Helen Simpson (author), Toby Litt (author), Bill McKibben (author), Lydia Millet (author), T.C. Boyle (author), Nathaniel Rich (author), David Mitchell (author)
publisher: Verso publish date: October 1st 2011
format: paperback pages: 208
language: English
ISBN: 1844677443 (9781844677443)
The Mayor's Tongue - Nathaniel Rich
The Mayor's Tongue
by Nathaniel Rich (author)
publisher: Riverhead Hardcover publish date: April 17th 2008
format: hardcover pages: 310
language: English
ISBN: 1594489904 (9781594489907)
Central Park: An Anthology - Paul Auster, Buzz Bissinger, Thomas Beller, Susan Cheever, Francine Prose, Jonathan Safran Foer, Bill Buford, Adam Gopnik, Nathaniel Rich, Mark Helprin, Colson Whitehead, John Burnham Schwartz, Brooks Hansen, David Michaelis, Marie Winn, Susan Sheehan, Alec Wilkinson, And
Central Park: An Anthology
by Paul Auster (author), Francine Prose (author), Susan Cheever (author), Thomas Beller (author), Buzz Bissinger (author), Jonathan Safran Foer (author), David Michaelis (author), Doug Blonsky (author), Donald Knowler (author), Adrian Benepe (author), Ben Dolnick (author), Andrew Blauner (author), Alec Wilkinson (author), Susan Sheehan (author), Marie Winn (author), Brooks Hansen (author), John Burnham Schwartz (author), Colson Whitehead (author), Mark Helprin (author), Nathaniel Rich (author), Adam Gopnik (author), Bill Buford (author)
publisher: Bloomsbury publish date: April 24th 2012
format: paperback pages: 240
language: English
ISBN: 1608196003 (9781608196005)
San Francisco Noir - Nathaniel Rich
San Francisco Noir
by Nathaniel Rich (author)
publisher: Little Bookroom publish date: March 31st 2005
format: paperback pages: 168
language: English
ISBN: 1892145308 (9781892145307)
Losing Earth - Nathaniel Rich
Losing Earth
by Nathaniel Rich (author)
publisher: MCD / Farrar, Straus and Giroux publish date: 2019-4-9
format: hardcover pages: 224
ISBN: 374191336 (9780374191337)
Red Leaves / 紅葉 - Kirk Marshall, Yasuhiro Horiuchi, Liberty Browne, Sunny Suh, Asami Nishimura, Joo Whan Suh, Ashley Capes, Nathaniel Rich, Graham Nunn, Eric Yoshiaki Dando, Patrick Holland, Anne M. Carson, Iris Yamashita, Ian C. Smith, Christopher Currie, Daisuke Suzuki, Travis Jeppesen
Red Leaves / 紅葉
by Eric Yoshiaki Dando (author), Scott-Patrick Mitchell (author), Amy Jackson (author), Graham Nunn (author), Christina McCallum (author), Hirofumi Sugimoto (author), Nicholas Hogg (author), Patrick Holland (author), Mandy Ord (author), Christopher Currie (author), Ivy Alvarez (author), Michelle Cahill (author), Kenji Siratori (author), Travis Jeppesen (author), Ian C. Smith (author), Toby Litt (author), Nathaniel Rich (author), Asami Nishimura (author), Keiji Minato (author), Jane Fenton Keane (author), Kuniharu Shimizu (author), Tokihiko Araki (author), Iris Yamashita (author), Anne M. Carson (author), Joo Whan Suh (author), Sunny Suh (author), Liberty Browne (author), Yasuhiro Horiuchi (author), Ashley Capes (author), Jeremy Balius (author), Daisuke Suzuki (author), Kirk Marshall (author), David Hoenigman (author)
publisher: A Cowboy Named Molasses Publishing publish date: May 23rd 2010
format: paperback pages: 365
language: English
ISBN: 18369073
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