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No One Here Gets Out Alive - Community Reviews back

by Jerry Hopkins
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Bloody Shambles
Bloody Shambles rated it 7 years ago
How could I have forgotten to add this one?! It was my bible from about ages 17-19. When I used to harbour the secret hope that Jim Morrison was actually still alive, and maybe one day I'd walk around a street corner and..... there He'd be. Sigh.
geekboyking rated it 7 years ago
The first book I read about Jim Morrison and still my favorite. It was because of this book that I read Jack Kerouac, and got into poetry, and started looking into Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Sure its a sanitized version of his life, but I still like this book.
Lining the Walls
Lining the Walls rated it 8 years ago
Read this when I was 12, when it first came out. Carried it around like a bible for 4 years if I recall correctly.Made me want to read, write, and inhale anything that was not part of the pre-digested and regurgitated 80s culture. It made me a rebel.
Meledstic rated it 10 years ago
I've read just about everything ever written about Jim Morrison, but nothing beats this one. Definitive.
JasonKoivu rated it 30 years ago
If you're a Doors fan, this is essential reading. If you're a fan of late 60s music, especially the L.A. scene, you'll find this enjoyable. If you're everyone else? Then this is not the droid the book you're looking for. It's rather sycophantic and not well-written. However, to me it was the Bible w...
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