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Olive Kitteridge - Community Reviews back

by Elizabeth Strout
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BrokenTune rated it 2 years ago
Olive Kitteridge is an extraordinary book. I had to read the first story quite a few times to get into the characters and get what Strout wanted to do here. The writing is gorgeous. It must have required considerable effort and discipline to compile the selection of related and yet unrelated stories...
Read All The Things! Reviews
Read All The Things! Reviews rated it 4 years ago
This collection of linked short stories centers around Olive Kitteridge, a retired math teacher and mother of a grown son. The stories examine Olive from every angle. She is the main character in some of them and briefly mentioned in others, but they all show the impact that one woman can have in a ...
Dem rated it 5 years ago
2.5 stars Having never read any of Elizabeth Stout Novels I was delighted to get the chance to read Olive Kitteridge.Olive Kitteridge is a combination of 13 stories all set in rural Maine. I was a little concerned that each chapter read as a different story with Olive being the connection between ...
Bright and Bon Vivant
Bright and Bon Vivant rated it 5 years ago
Olive Kitteridge has been added to my very small list of favorite fictional characters. This is a brilliant character study told with deep empathy, totally my thing. One word to the wise: This is not a "feel good" novel. If you have a problem reading about people are depressed, stay away.
James Allen's Literary World
James Allen's Literary World rated it 5 years ago
Olive Kitteridge vividly portrays how people are throwing their lives away. Each moment we let slip through our fingers. Regret is the strong feeling the book left me with. Not regret at having read it, but the regrets of my own life. The language is beautiful and powerful.
silverneurotic rated it 5 years ago
I’m happy to report that despite the fact I have not had time to blog, I have been reading steadily. Since my last review, I managed to complete five new books (which eventually I’ll get around to blogging about). I can’t be completely sure, but I’m going to venture to say that Olive Kitteridge was ...
Book Thoughts
Book Thoughts rated it 5 years ago
I would give this book 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed the characters in each of the short stories, and I love how the author connected them all through the lead character of Olive Kitteridge. The author's ability to get inside the minds of each character was impressive, and I found myself reading thi...
In Love of Books and Friendship
In Love of Books and Friendship rated it 6 years ago
I can't decide if I liked this book. The story of Olive and Henry Kitteridge is a true portrait of a lifelong marriage. Olive is as bristly as Henry is kind. I appreciate the honesty in which these characters were portrayed and how layers of personalities become revealed throughout the book. Sometim...
Infinite Joe
Infinite Joe rated it 6 years ago
Usually, for a book of short stories, I rate each one individually, and then calculate the average when I'm done. After I gave the first few stories 4.5/5 stars, I didn't bother with the rest. I thought this was a great book about people dealing with life and the sometimes difficult situations it ...
Boston Bibliophile
Boston Bibliophile rated it 6 years ago
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