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by Kevin Williamson, L.J. Smith, Julie Plec
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Books And Other Fetishes
Books And Other Fetishes rated it 5 years ago
Books ARE better than their television counterparts and this is a certified fact...with the only exception being the Vampire Diaries. Why? Well, I watched the show before I read the books and I thought, "The show is so so good...the books must be INCREDIBLE!" I started reading and I realized that th...
Bücherchaos rated it 6 years ago
Ich kenne die Serie nicht, das gleich zum Anfang, das heisst gehe nur vom Buch aus und kann keine Vergleiche ziehen.Ich finde das Buch gut geschrieben, Elena die alles bekommt , die Jungs liegen ihr zu Füssen stösst am Anfang bei Stefano auf ihre Grenzen.Das hin und her der Beiden fand ich immer wie...
Jenn's Book Reviews
Jenn's Book Reviews rated it 6 years ago
When I picked this book up at my local library, I was not sure whether it tied in to the book series or in to the tv show series. As it turns out, it ties into the tv show series. Being a fan of the show, I love the insight you get into the character Stefan's life before he was turned into a vampire...
BUGGY rated it 6 years ago
Opening Line: "The day my life changed started out like any other." So I have to admit this was surprisingly good. Surprising because I’m not anywhere near the demographic the book is aiming at. For starters I’m far (far) from being a YA (although admittedly I do sometimes still act like it) I’ve ne...
Vailia's Page Turner
Vailia's Page Turner rated it 7 years ago
This book has me torn on what to think of it. The big thing I noticed and DID NOT LIKE was that this book does NOT follow the books. If you read the first couple vampire diary books and read this hoping for a better understanding of the famous rift, forget it. Apparently this book follows only th...
Jackie's Ramblings & Rants!
Jackie's Ramblings & Rants! rated it 7 years ago
kind of cool not your usual vampires
Jordyn the Paperback Princess
Jordyn the Paperback Princess rated it 7 years ago
This was actually pretty decent to my surprise. Just what I needed, something quick and short to keep my interest. Plus its interesting to read how the love triangle really happened. Katherine your such a skank but I love ya! Onto the next book :D
Joanne12 rated it 8 years ago
This was a good book because it is based on the T.V. Show. In a few episodes in the first season we see glimpses of Stefan's and Damon's life before they were vampires. This book gives the full background about what happened when the Salvatore brothers were human. A good quick read
Syahira's Literary Obsession
Syahira's Literary Obsession rated it 8 years ago
Has got to be the most boring screen adaptation I've ever read. I like TVD's writers, they always do good cliffhangers but this novel is so lengthy and unnecessary. I could reread Midnight Sun to compare to this. Edward is boring and suffer from Stefan's syndrome. Probably since Stefan is the most a...
beccabee rated it 9 years ago
No comment, thank you very much.
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