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Terms of Use for Themes

Blog Themes


BookLikes makes available specialized HTML and CSS code ("BookLikes Template Code") for the design and layout of blog pages available for use on some of the Services ("Themes"). Certain Themes are available for purchase as a Paid Service (Premium Themes).


You can also upload new themes, following these rules:


- Theme files structure - Mandatory files in main theme directory: timeline.twig, page.twig, follow.twig, blog.twig, shelf.twig. Assets (images, css, js, etc.) could be placed in subdirectories.

- No external assets - All assets (images, css, js, etc.) must be included in theme.

- Required elements - Theme must support all post types (text, quote, url, photo, video).

- Widgets - Widgets should be optional. All widgets (from facebook, twitter, etc.) should by possible to disable by customization.


Premium Themes


Purchased Premium Themes may not be transferred between Accounts, between blogs, or between Services on a single Account and are subject to the payment terms herein.


BookLikes grants you a license to customize the BookLikes Template Code to create your own Themes for use on your blog page (each a "Custom Theme"). If you choose, you may also contribute your Custom Themes for use by other Subscribers as Subscriber Content.


Note also that other Subscribers may use your Custom Themes after you have removed them from distribution, and you hereby grant those Subscribers an irrevocable license to use those Custom Themes as contributed by you. In other words, you can remove and stop distribution of your Custom Themes, but Subscribers who are already using them can keep using them.

To develop and distribute Custom Themes that are Premium Themes, please email us (contact@booklikes.com).


BookLikes is not responsible for any changes in blog look or malfunction of personal webpages due to implementation of Premium Themes. If you purchased a Paid Service (Premium Theme) and have some concerns how it was executed on your blog, please contact the designer via private message or e-mail.


Paid Services - Premium Themes


Some of the Services require payment of fees (Premium Themes). All fees are stated in United States dollars. You shall pay all applicable fees, as described in the applicable Services, in connection with such Services, and any related taxes or additional charges. To complete financial operation on BookLikes (e.g. Premium Themes), PayPal account is required and its rules are valid.


Paid Services are limited licenses for you to use particular for-pay aspects of the Services. Usage of terms like sell, sale, buy, purchase, or similar terms all refer to your acquisition of a license to use Paid Services, and do not represent any transfer of any right, title, or ownership interest of any kind. You may not relicense, resell, transfer, or exchange Paid Services within or outside of the Services, except as expressly allowed by the rules of the Services. BookLikes may, in its sole discretion, modify the functionality of, or eliminate, Paid Services, or the terms and conditions under which Paid Services are provided.


Purchases of Paid Services are final and non-refundable (particularly those Paid Services that may be used immediately, such as Premium Themes), except at BookLikes's sole discretion and in accordance with the rules governing each such Paid Service. Termination of your Account or your rights under this Agreement may result in forfeiture of existing Paid Services. For example, if your Account is suspended, you forfeit your license to any Premium Themes you have purchased.


BookLikes may change its prices for Paid Services at any time. To the extent applicable, BookLikes will provide you reasonable notice of any such pricing changes by posting the new prices on or through the applicable Paid Service and/or by sending you email notification. If you do not wish to pay the new prices, you may choose not to purchase, or to cancel, the applicable Paid Service prior to the change going into effect.


What information we collect:


We will sometimes collect financial information, such as information related to your payment method, payment confirmation. We do not, however, store that financial information.

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